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MiniTest FH Series Precision Magnetic Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe FH-Serie models: FH-7200 and FH-7400 are portable thickness measuring devices that are capable to measure precisely materials with a thickness up to 10 mm. Their small size and portability makes them ideal to be used in production areas and quality laboratories. With the FH Serie models accurate thickness measurements can be done on all types of non-ferrous products, regardless of their size, shape, and material.

The FH-7200 and FH-7400 are ideal for applications where accurate measurement of sharp corners, small radii and/or complex shapes are required.

The two Models available in this serie

FH-7200 offers measurement capabilities including real-time thickness measurement, display of minimum & maximum readings, an offset mode, and automatic storage of up to 100,000 values.

FH-7400 this model has the same capabilities as the MiniTest 7200 FH but with extra features: statistical graphing, real time trend, data base with up to 200 batches and increased automatic storage of up to 240.000 values. e.g. 1200 per batch.

There are two probes available
There are two easily interchangeable probes with a hardened probe tip and a variety of ball sizes to cover thickness ranges from 0 to 4 mm (FH 4) and 0 to 10 mm (FH 10). They contribute to maximizing the accuracy of readings

  • Ideal for Bottles, Aluminium Cans, Glass and Plastic Components with Complex Shapes
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Data capture up to 20 data points per second
  • Sensor-integrated digital signal processing
  • Minimum and maximum readings
  • Multi-point calibration up to 5 points
  • High precision target balls for reproducible measurements
  • Menu-controlled user interface
  • Context-sensitive on-line help
  • SPC capabilities

Measuring Range
with FH4 Probe
0-1.3mm with 1.0mm ball (FH4-1MM Only!)
0-2.0mm with 1.5mm ball
0-3.5mm with 2.5mm ball
0-6.0mm with 4.0mm ball
0-5.0mm with 1.5mm magnetic ball (FH4-M Only!)
0-9.0mm with 3.0mm magnetic ball (FH4-M Only!)
Measuring Range
with FH10 Probe
0-4.0mm with 2.5mm ball
0-7.0mm with 4.0mm ball
0-10.0mm with 6.0mm ball
0-13.0mm with 9.0mm ball
0-16.0mm with 4.0mm magnetic ball (FH10-M only!)
0-24.0mm with 6.0mm magnetic ball (FH10-M only!)
with FH4 Probe
0-1.3mm (1mm ball): ±(3 µm + 1% of reading)
0-2.0mm: ±(3 µm + 1% of reading)
0-3.5mm: ±(5 µm + 1% of reading)
0-6.0mm: ±(10 µm + 1% of reading)
0-5.0mm (magnetic): ±(20 µm + 2% of reading)
0-9.0mm (magnetic): ±(40 µm + 2% of reading)
with FH10 Probe
0-4.0mm: ±(5 µm + 1% of reading)
0-7.0mm: ±(10 µm + 1% of reading)
0-10.0mm: ±(20 µm + 1% of reading)
0-13.0mm: ±(20 µm + 1% of reading)
0-16.0mm (magnetic): ±(40 µm + 2% of reading)
0-24.0mm (magnetic: ±(60 µm + 2% of reading)
Low Range Resolution FH4: 0.1 µm
FH10: 0.2 µm
Repeatability Better than ± (1 µm + 0.5 % of reading)
Measuring Principle Magnetostatic
Logging Rate 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 readings per second (selectable)
Data Memory FH7200: 100,000 values
FH7400: 240,000 values
Calibration Modes Factory, Zero, Zero + up to 4 points
Measuring Units Metric: µm, mm
Imperial mils, inch
Statistical Charting Numeric, trend, and histogram (with MiniTest 7400 FH only)
Interfaces RS232 TTL + IrDA 1.0
Models MiniTest 7200 FH
MiniTest 7400 FH
Operating temperature –10 °C to +60°C (Storage temperature: –20°C to +80°C)
Dimensions 153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm
Weight 310 grams
Power supply 4 x AA batteries, or optional AC adapter


Complete Kit

Supplied as a complete kit including, Gauge, Magnetic Probe, 3x set of Target balls
with FH-4 model( 1x 1,5mm, 2,5mm & 4mm) with FH-10 model( 1x 2,5mm, 4mm & 6mm), MSoft Pro 7 Software, Operating Instructions, -Manufacturer certificate according to DIN 55350 M, 4 AA batteries, Protective Rubber Shell with stand and belt clip, and Magnetic Screw Driver in a hard plastic carrying case.

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