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Crane Scales / Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are dynamometers used to measure the force between two objects. The hanging scales offered here, are therefore suitable for measuring the weight force during transport or production processes. We offer both analog and digital dynamometers with different weight ranges from 200 to a maximum of 250,000kg.

The heavy duty EDXtreme series offers you additional added value in the form of an optional remote signal for up to 5 dynamometers. In difficult to see or dangerous situations, you can use the remote to view the data from a safe distance and also enable the data to be further processed on a computer.

Of course, we also offer traceable calibration here and deliver the devices with a corresponding calibration certificate.

AP Dynamometer Mechanical Dynamometer

AP Dynamometer
  • For tension, traction and weight measurement
  • Available in capacities from 500 to 50,000 pounds, 200 to 20,000 kilograms
Price from € 1.390,00
More information

EDxtreme Red Heavy Duty Digital Dynamometer

  • Digital Dynamometer
  • 10 Ranges up to 550,000 Lb-f
  • High resolution and accurate repeatable readings
Price from € 3.216,50
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EDXtreme Blue Heavy Duty Digital Dynamometer with Integrated Display & Bluetooth Output

EDXtreme Blue
  • Digital Dynamometer with Integrated Display & Bluetooth Output
  • 4 Ranges up to 10.000 kgf / 25,000 Lb-f
  • High resolution and accurate repeatable readings
Price from € 2.945,00
More information

EDjunior Digital Dynamometer

  • Digital Dynamometer
  • 4 Ranges up to 25,000 Lb-f
Price from € 1.697,50
More information

EDX-COMM Remote Communicator for EDXtreme

  • Remote Communicator for EDXtreme
Price € 1.927,50
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