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FGV-XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output

9 Ranges up to 200lbs
Measures Push / Pull Force

The all new FGV-XY series force gauge delivers industry-leading value with an extensive list of features including USB output, reversible display and a rugged metal housing. Each gauge is supplied as a complete kit with several screw-on adapters providing a complete force testing instrument for use in a wide variety of industries. All models include built-in memory for 1000 values, easily downloaded via the USB data output to a PC using the software & cable supplied at no charge.

Force values can be transferred in real time continuously or batch downloaded after testing is complete. In addition, RS-232C and analog outputs are also supplied providing the FGV-XY with maximum flexibility for data transfer and recording. Additionally, measurement statistics are automatically calculated and stored and can be recalled to the display for viewing or can be downloaded. Statistics include maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation.

The FGV-XY provides is suitable for use in numerous industries & applications including incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D as well as on wire pull testing, wire crimps, trigger pull, brake pedal, aerospace, ceramic, springs, food ripeness, corrugated paper strength, blister pack, medical component, muscle strength, ergonomic testing, adhesives, syringe plunger, needle sharpness and many more.

  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate
    captures true peak values even those occurring over very short time intervals
  • Accuracy of ±0.2%
    providing superb repeatability
  • USB, RS-232 & Analog Outputs-- all included!
    3 different outputs for data transfer provides maximum flexibility
  • 9 separate capacities from 0.5 Lb to 200 Lb
    select the best range without forfeiting accuracy
  • 200% Overload Capacity
    minimizes the likelihood of costly repairs
  • Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Housing & Rugged Construction
    provides exceptional durability even in the toughest field applications
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Selectable Auto-Shut Off
    prolongs battery life, while allowing constant use when powered via supplied AC-adapter
  • Small Size
    Ergonomic design provides comfort for hand held testing
  • Automatic Calculation & Display of Statistics
    provides immediate results and analysis of your force testing
  • 3 Memory Modes
    optimize data storage for any application transferring data to PC/Laptop when convenient
  • Built In User-Set Hi-Lo Alarm Limits
    perform quick and easy ‘Go-No Go’ testing with visual LCD indicator when "out of tolerance"
  • Includes traceable calibration certificate
  • Reversible Display
    optimized for use as both a handheld gauge or mount upside down on a test stand

Tension Ranges
Model Ranges Resolution   
FGV-0.5XY 0.5 lb
2 N
200 g
8 oz
0.001 lb
0.001 N
0.1 g
0.01 oz
FGV-1XY 1 lb
5 N
500 g
16 oz
0.001 lb
0.001 N
0.1 g
0.01 oz
FGV-2XY 2 lb
10 N
1000 g
32 oz
0.01 N
1 g
0.01 oz
FGV-5XY 5 lb
20 N
2 kg
0.001 lb
0.01 N
0.001 kg
FGV-10XY 10 lb
50 N
5 kg
0.01 lb
0.01 N
0.001 kg
FGV-20XY 10 lb
50 N
5 kg
0.01 lb
0.01 N
0.001 kg
FGV-50XY 50 lb
200 N
20 kg
0.01 lb
0.1 N
0.01 kg
FGV-100XY 100 lb
500 N
50 kg
0.1 lb
0.1 N
0.01 kg
FGV-200XY 200 lb
1000 N
100 kg
0.1 lb
1 N
0.01 kg

Complete Kit
The FGV-XY force gauge is supplied as a complete kit including:
- FGV-XY gauge,
- AC adapter/charger,
- carrying case,
- hook, chisel,
- flat head,
- notched head,
- hanger,
- cone head,
- thread adapter,
- extension rod,
- USB cable,
- instruction manual,
- foam-fitted carrying case.

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Category Mark-10 Attachments

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Category  Mark-10 Attachments  991

Dimensions FGV-XY

Measuring Modes Realtime, Compression Peak, Tension Peak
Display Update Rate User Selectable: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 times per second
Sampling Rate 1000 times per second (1000Hz/1KHz)
Accuracy ± 0.2% F.S.
Temperature Drift Gain : ± 0.01% LOAD / Zero : ±0.01% / R.C. / Drift of zero point can be cancelled with tracking function.
Display Main display: 4-digits 12mm high, Reversible
Units display: 3-digits 7mm high
Other display: "LO BAT"(Low Battery Voltage), "BAT"(Battery Charging), "OVR"(Overload), "Peak"(Peak Hold)
Overload 200% of Full Scale
On Model FGV-200XY: 150% F.S.
Tracking User Selectable (ON/OFF)
USB Output Allows communication between FGV-XY and Windows PC Software with ToriemonUSB via USB cable(included).
RS-232C Output Allows communication between the FGV-XY and RS-232C devices. RS-232C cable is an optional accessory.
Analog Output ± 1V, Accuracy is ± 50mV through a 12 bit D/A. ZERO affects this output, and is updated at 1000 times/second. Load is >10k Ohms
Overload/Comparator Output Open-collector output (Max DC30V/5mA).
Power Rechargeable Nickel hydride battery or AC adapter/charger. Usable while charging.
Operating Time Approximately 8 hours after a full charge. Charging Time: 16 Hours Max.
Auto Power Off Default is 10 minutes. Can be disbaled. Automatically disabled when connected to AC adapter.
Memory function Continuous memory: 1000 data points, Single memory: 100 data points, Standard memory: 50 data points Statistics functions (max, minimum, peak, average, standard deviation)
Comparator function User Selectable: HI and LO
Temperature range 0 ~ 40° C (-32 ~ 104° F)
Humidity range 35 ~ 85% RH
Dimensions 147mm (L)x 75mm (W) x 38mm(H)
Weight Approx. 450g
On Model FGV-200XY: Approx. 500g
Accessories(Included) AC adapter/charger, carrying case, hook, chisel, flat head, notched head, hanger, cone head, thread Adapter, extension rod, USB cable
Application Software Application software ( USB version): Available at www.shimpoinst.com/software for free.

Buy Now

Product name
FGV-0.5XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 0.5 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-1XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 1 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-2XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 2 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-5XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 5 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-10XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 10 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-20XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 20 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-50XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 50 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-100XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 100 lb Capacity
£ 703,00 
FGV-200XY Digital Force Gauge with USB Output 200 lb Capacity
£ 747,00 

Product name
FGV-ANALOG - Analog output cable for FGV
£ 107,00 
FGV-RS232 - RS232 9-pins Serial output cable for FGV
£ 107,00 
FG-HANDLE - Handle FGV-XY Force Tester
£ 125,00 
FGV-CTRL - Operation cable for FGV
£ 107,00 
FG-09V120UC - Reserve/Spare Power adapter forFG Force Tester
£ 32,00 
FG-BATT - Spare / Replacement Internal Rechargeable NiCad Battery
£ 65,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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