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Bolt Tension Monitors / Bolt Load Meters

Ultrasonic torque testing

Tension meter for bolts to measure the bolt preload using ultrasonic methods. There are different formulations for these devices such as bolt tension measuring device, bolt load meter or bolt tension gauge. What is meant in any case is the perfect measuring device to improve the accuracy when fastening your bolt connections.

Bolt elongation measurement

Tightening a bolt creates a tension that causes the bolt to lengthen. This extension can be measured with a stud tension meter, which in turn allows conclusions to be drawn about the tension applied. Our screw tension measuring devices can achieve accuracies of less than 5% of the attached load when measuring connection from 1.27cm up to 30m.

Bolt stress measurement

The user takes a measurement before and after a connection is tightened to determine the change in screw length. The measurement data are evaluated using the integrated microcomputer and the time (nanoseconds), the expansion, the charge, the voltage and % load can be shown on the display.

MAX-II Bolt Tension Monitor

  • Bolt Tension Meter
  • The most accurate system to measure and manage bolt stress in your assembly processes.
  • It enables you to re-visit your bolts in certain intervals and monitor the quality of your bolt connections over time
Price € 5.033,00
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TI-MAX MiniMax Bolt Tension Meter

  • Bolt Tension Meter
  • The first cost effective ultrasonic solution available on the market
  • Effectively monitor your bolts during periodic shutdowns over the service life of the fastener
Price € 3.958,00
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TPG Triple Path Glass Calibration Block

  • Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Meter Glass Calibration Block
  • 3 Paths:1", 2" and 3"(25,4 mm, 50,8 mm, 76,2 mm)
  • Precision machined and finished
Price from € 1.335,00
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MAX-II Offshore Case Waterproof Case for MAX II Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Gauge

MAX-II Offshore Case
  • Impact resistant and waterproof offshore case with inlay.
Price € 299,00
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