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DTX Advanced Digital Tension Meter

Our latest digital hand-held DTX tension meter represents an advanced version of our DTS unit. It offers superior features, such as the possibility of storing more than the double number of customer made calibrations (9 with the DTX, while 4 calibrations can be stored with the DTS).

Its large measurement range of from 0.2 - 200 cN up to 0.6 - 60 daN as well as its high degree of adjustability through its different rollers, make it an ideal tool for applications in the textile, carbon fiber and wire industry.

Also incorporated in the DTX are the following advanced statistical functions:

- Mode S: Statistics only mode
- Mode H: Store X-Y graph to the data storage for later inspection
- Mode C: Continuous logging mode and personalized settings for measurement time and measuring series with 2 Hz
- Mode F: Fast Continuous logging mode. Same as C with 1000 Hz

Further features include a backlighted, rotatable LCD display which remains visible in any reading condition. The built-in material thickness compensator and calibration adjustment permit fine tunings of  the calibration for materials that don’t correspond to the calibration standard.

Real time readings are ensured with a large data storage for 60.000 readings, combined with the USB interface and data analysis software. Thus reports can conveniently be generated for quality reporting systems adhering to the strict ISO 9000 guidelines. 


  • Automatically in 90° steps rotatable LCD Display
  • Highest precision issued by built-in material thickness compensator and calibration fine tuning
  • User defined MIN and MAX values with optical alarm
  • User defined configuration allows to adjust it exactly as required
  • High measuring frequency of 1 kHz (1000 measuring/sec.), intern 8 kHz
  • Advanced statistical calculation functions
  • Data Storage for 60.000 readings
  • USB data output

Tension Ranges
Model Range / Resolution     
DTX-200 0.2 – 200.0 / 0.1 cN     
DTX-500 0.5 - 500 / 0.1 cN     
DTX-1000 10 – 1000 / 1 cN     
DTX-2000 20 – 2000 / 1 cN     
DTX-2500 25 – 2500 / 1 cN     
DTX-4000 40 – 4000 / 1 cN     
DTX-5000 50 – 5000 / 1 cN     
DTX-10K 0.1 – 10.00 / 0.01 daN     
DTX-20K 0.2 – 20.00 / 0.01 daN     
DTX-30K 0.3 – 30.00 / 0.01 daN     
DTX-50K 0.5 – 50.00 / 0.01 daN     
DTX-60K-V1 0.6 – 60.00 / 0.01 daN     
All models except the DTX-200, DTX-50K and DTX-60K-V1 are equipped with a built-in material thickness compensator   
* Depending on model, either width of filament guide or outer distance between outside guide rollers ** Suitable for 95 % of applications - PA = Polyamid-Monofilament     

Dimensions DTX

Complete Kit

Delivery includes:

  • Tension meter
  • Carrying case
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery with charger
  • Manual in English or German as requested. 

Traceable calibration certificate is optional available.

Code Line Speed
Vmax ...m/min
Roller Material
Standard 2000 Hardcoated aluminium
Code K 3500 Hardcoated aluminium
Code H 5000 Plasma-coated aluminium
Code T 1000 Plastick (POM) black
Code W 1000 Nickle-plated steel
Code ST 1000 Hardened steel
Code B 1000 Tempered steel
Code CE2 1000 Aluminium ceramic-coated
Code ASY 1000 Hardcoated aluminium, asymetrical groove
Unit without filament guide
(not for DTS-200)
Code ASYB 1000 Tempered steel (for tire code), asymmetrical groove
Unit without filament guide
(not for DTS-200)
Code V1 1000 Hardcoated aluminium
(only for DTS-60K-V1)
Code U 2000 Hardcoated aluminium (radius R3)

Accuracy: For standard material from 5 % up to 100 % of FS: ± 0.5 % FS ± 1 digit remaining tension range and other calibration materials: ±3 % full scale and ±1 digit
Overrange: Approx. 10 % FS*, full scale, without accuracy guarantee
Overload protection: 100 % full scale
Memory for material curves: 2 for standard calibration plus 9 for customized calibrations
Data storage: For 60.000 readings
Measuring units: Force (switchable): cN, daN, g, kg, N, lb
Thickness (switchable): mm, inch
Measuring principle: Strain gauge bridge
Signal processing: Digital, 16 bit A/D converter
Measuring frequency: Max. 1 kHz (1000 measurings/sec.), intern 8 kHz
Measuring roller deflection: Max. 0.2 mm
Display: Graph LCD
3 different displays: Numeric
Numeric with graph (time-tension)
Display update rate: Approx. 2 times per second
Memory: MIN, MAX, PEAK, AVG and LAST
Output: USB PC-Software included
Data storage modes: 4 modes with statistical evaluation
Damping: Adjustable electronic damping (averaging)
Cal. Adjustment: ± 10 steps in 1 % increment
Thickness compensator: Max. 2.5 mm (not available for DTX-200, DTX-50K and DTX-60K-V1)
Auto power off: Approx. 3 minutes of non-use
Temperature coeffizient: Gain: less than ± 0.01 % FS* /°C
Zero point: less than ± 0.03 % FS* /°C
Temperature range: 10 – 45 °C
Air humidity: 85 % RH, max.
Power supply: LiPo accumulator (approx. 40 h continous use), charging time approx. 3 1/2 h AC adapter 100 – 240 V AC,adapter (EU, USA, UK)
Housing material: Die-cast aluminium
Housing dimensions: As per above shown dimensions sheet
Weight, net (gross): Up to DTX-50K approx. 875 g / 1550 g
DTX-60K-V1 approx. 1040 g / 2700 g

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Product name
DTX-200 Tension Meter Digital 2 - 200 cN
DTX-500 Tension Meter Digital 5 - 500 cN
DTX-1000 Tension Meter Digital 10 - 1000 cN
DTX-2000 Tension Meter Digital 20 - 2000 cN
DTX-2500 Tension Meter Digital 25 - 2500 cN
DTX-4000 Tension Meter Digital 40 - 4000 cN
DTX-5000 Tension Meter Digital 50 - 5000 cN
DTX-10K Tension Meter Digital 0.1 - 10 daN
DTX-20K Tension Meter Digital 0.2 - 20 daN
DTX-30K Tension Meter Digital 0.3 - 30 daN
DTX-50K Tension Meter Digital 0.5 - 50 daN
DTX-60K-V1 Tension Meter Digital 0.6-60 daN
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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