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BLRTSX Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor

No more "brush bounce": the Brushless Rotary Torque Transducer connects the power tool and the joint and monitors actual torque being applied from the driver to the fastener.

The  sensor is perfectly adapted for the use with most hand tools, power tools or rotational measurement applications and comes with the instant auto-recognition system of the BLRTSX connected to the PTT.

  • Accuracy +/-.25% of full scale.
  • Use with most hand tools, power tools or rotational measurement applications.
  • The common "brush bounce" that plagues the accuracy testing of pulse tools is cured when using a brushless rotary transducer.
  • Connects between the power tool and the joint. Monitors actual torque being applied from the driver to the fastener.
  • Bi-directional

Torque ranges
Oz-in Lb-in Lb-ft cN-m N-m

Model Range
BLRTSX28z-H 10 - 28 Oz-in
BLRTSX70z-H 10 -70 Oz-in
BLRTSX140z-H 25 - 140 Oz-in
BLRTSX18i-H 32 - 128 Oz-in
BLRTSX50i-H 80 - 800 Oz-in
BLRTSX50i 80 - 800 Oz-in
BLRTSX100i-H 160 - 1600 Oz-in
BLRTSX100i 160 - 1600 Oz-in
BLRTSX160i-H 256 - 2560 Oz-in
BLRTSX160i 256 - 2560 Oz-in
BLRTSX18F 384 - 3456 Oz-in
BLRTSX36F 768 - 6912 Oz-in
BLRTSX73F 1536 - 13824 Oz-in
BLRTSX118F 2304 - 22656 Oz-in
BLRTSX184F 3648 - 35328 Oz-in

Output at Rated Capacity > 6 Nm [53 lbf.in] rated torque 2 mV/V
Interchangeability Matched for mv/v and shunt calibration +0.3% FS
Nonlinearity +0.2% FS
Excitation Recommended 10V DC or AC RMS
Bridge Resistance 350 ohms
Usable Temperature Range 41-122 degrees F
Safe Overload 125% of rated output


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