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LTT Torque and Angle Analyzer with integrated Bench Stand

The new LTT is the next generation of torque analyzer. It offers “EZ-Plug & Play” with instant auto recognition with transducers. The LTT offers tool testing, graphing capabilities and a graphical menu for easy navigation.

The LTT includes three PC Windows based software programs:
Torque Meter Interface Program - for sensor calibrations, meter calibration and tool tests.
Torque Meter Boot loader - for updating the LTT operating systems.
Statistics Calculator - for SPC, CP & CPK calculations.

  • Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale.
  • Provides “EZ-Plug & Play.” Features an instant auto-recognition system of the transducer connected to the LTT.
  • Built-in Tool Tests operation.
  • Stores a total of 2500 data points.
  • Seven units of torque measurements: (ozf.in, lbf.in, lbf.ft, cN.m, N.m, kgf.m, kgf.cm). Two units of force measurements: (lbf and kN)
  • Recommended for all hand screwdrivers, wrenches or power tools.
  • "Flash" memory allows upgrades to be done by the user in the field & internet through the USB port.
  • Selection of six operating modes: (Track, Peak, First Peak, Audit, Torque + Angle, and Tool Test).
  • Supplied with NIST-Traceable Certification of Calibration

Tension Ranges
ModelRanges Range   
LTT-10i 1-10 lbf-in
11.3 - 113 cN-m
1.2 - 11.5 kgf-c
1/4" F/Sq   
LTT-25i 2.5-25 lbf-in
28.25 - 282.5 cN-m
2.9 - 28.8
1/4" F/Sq   
LTT-50i 5 - 50 lbf-in
56.5 - 565 cN-m
5.8 - 57.6 kgf
1/4" F/Sq   
LTT-100i 10 - 100 lbf-in
113 - 1130 cN-m
11.5 - 115 k
1/4" F/Sq   
LTT-250i 25 - 250 lbf-in
282.5 - 2825 cN-m
28.8 - 288
1/4" F/Sq   
LTT-50F 5 - 50 lbf-ft
6.8 - 67.8 N-m
0.7 - 6.9 kgf-m
3/8" F/Sq   
LTT-100F 10 - 100 lbf-ft
13.56 - 135.6 N-m
1.4 - 13.8
1/2" F/Sq   
LTT-250F 25 - 250 lbf-ft
33.9 - 339 N-m
3.5 - 34.5 kg
1/2" F/Sq   

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  • The common "brush bounce" that plagues the accuracy testing of pulse tools is cured when using a brushless rotary transducer.

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Tool Tests & Graphing

The LTT allows you to set up and create tool tests and save the readings so you can export the data to a PC for documentation. It’s the ideal solution for organizing and storing test data for ISO and SPC documentation.

The ability to graph a dynamic rundown allows joint analysis. Great resource to evaluate create or confirm a torque specification or toll being used in production.

The "Statics Calculator" allows operators to perform basic SPC, CP and CPK calculations.

Cable Chart
Transducer Cable Item #
RTSX-AA 072000
BLRTSX 072001
BMX 072002
SDX 072004
RTSX 072005
ETX 072006
*Contact us for connecting a SMX to the LTT

Standard Accessories

Universal Charger (100 - 240 VAC)
USB Cable
Software - Torque Meter Interface Program
Software - Torque Meter Boot loader
Software - Statics Calculator
Protective Cover


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