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Paper Moisture Meters

Paper moisture meters for relative and absolute humidity of paper products

Checkline has a range of moisture meters especially designed for measuring humidity of all kinds of paper. For different applications, different instruments are available. For measurement of recycled paper moisture content, the model RPM-6 has been especially developed. These paper moisture meters allow fast and non-destructive measurement of pressed piles, rolls of recycling paper and pulp. 

If you have painted or coated paper, the P4 is the model of choice. It is designed to measure painted paper non-destructive and accurate. For accurate measurement of Kraft paper moisture content, packaging paper and paperboard, the FS2 is the right model, it has a range of 0-10 percent water content. For demanding tasks like taking measurments inside paper stocks, as well as climate mointoring of printing rooms and paper storage rooms, the models RH5 and LF are perfect. These gauges are delivered with a long and thin probe for measurement deep inside the material

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RH5 Paper Moisture Meter with Datalogger

  • Digital Paper Moisture Meter
  • Display: Digital Hygrometer
  • Probe: External sword
  • Can also be used for normal relative air humidity measurement
Price from € 634,00
More information

RH6 Paper Moisture Meter

  • Advanced Paper Moisture Meter
  • Paper moisture meter with sword sensor for piles of paper
  • With data logger and customer calibration function
Price € 1.373,00
More information

RPM-6 Recycling Paper Moisture Meter

  • Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method
  • Measuring range: 1 to 50% water content (depending on the material)
  • Hold function, automatic datalog and manual saving for up to 10,000 logs with measuring point report
Price € 4.458,00
More information

PF5 Paper moisture meter for determination of absolute water content

  • Running Paper Moisture Meter
  • Measuring Range up to 25% with resolution of 0.1%
  • Built-in datalogger for 10,000 data points and USB output
  • Automatic high-range temperature compensation for maximum accuracy
Price € 2.179,00
More information

PFK Moisture meter for paper and solid cardboard at the pile

  • Moisture meter for paper stacks
  • Measuring range depending on the material up to 15% with a resolution of 0.1%
  • Built-in datalogger for 10.000 values
  • Integrated, automatic temperature compensation for maximum accuracy
Price from € 941,00
More information

P2 Paper Moisture Meter

  • Kraft Paper, Packaging paper and Paperboard Moisture Meter
  • Measuring range: 3% to 10% water content
  • Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method

RH1 Relative Humidity Meter With Memory

  • Humimeter Digital Relative Humidity Moisture Meter
  • Display: Digital Hygrometer
  • Probe: Internal
  • Used for measuring relative air humidity
Price from € 360,00
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