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R05 Series Push/Pull Sensors

Made in the USAThe Series R05 Smart Force sensor was designed to push and pull forces required to move items, open (fire)doors, or drawers but it also measures lifting force etcetera. This sensor is well suited for ergonomics testing and workplace safety testing. It connects to a variety of Mark-10 attachments for different types of tests.

The capacity of the Series R05 is up to 2500 N with an accuracy of 0,15% of the full scale plus Indicator accuracy. It uses the Plug & Test® system to connect to a Mark-10 Indicator, 3I, 5I, 7I. The internal pcb stores calibration and configuration, this makes an indicator interchangeable during testing.

This sensor requires a 3I, 5I or 7I digital indicator, not included.

  • Compatible with the 7i, 5i and 3i digital force indicators
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • NIST-traceable certificate of calibration included
  • Unique Plug & TestTM connector holds all calibration and configuration data
  • Measures push and pull force up to 2500 N
  • Warranty: 3 years

Plug &; Test® Smart Force & Torque Sensors

General information

Mark-10 M7I, M5I, and M3I indicators are used in combination with Plug & Test® sensors and can therefore accommodate numerous force and torque measurement requirements, from 1 N to 50 kN (0.25 to 10,000 lbF) of force, and from 7 Ncm to 550 Nm (10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin) of torque.

Plug & Test® sensors can be used handheld or mounted to a fixture or test stand for more accurate and repeatable testing results.
The sensors are separately calibrated therefore they can be disconnected from one indicator and connected to another without the need for re-calibration or re-configuration as this is stored in the PCB located inside the smart connector.


System accuracy is determined by the combination of Indicator and sensor combined. To determine the total system accuracy the accuracy value of the sensor is added to the value of the indicator.
As the Indicators have different accuracy values the total system accuracy may vary between the different indicator/sensor combinations. Indicator Model Accuracy M7I / M5I ±0,1% of full scale M3I ±0,2% of full scale.

Example 1 Model MR01-100 sensor with Model M5I Indicator MR01-100 ±0,15% of full scale + M5I ±0,1% of full scale = Total ±0,25% of full scale This translates into a fixed error of up to: 0,25% x 500 N = 1,25 N

Example 2 Model MR50-50Z sensor with Model M3I Indicator MR50-50Z ±0,35% of full scale + M3I ±0,2% of full scale = Total ±0,55% of full scale This translates into a fixed error of up to: 0,55% x 50 Ncm = 0,275 Ncm

Because accuracy is defined as a percentage of full scale, the fixed error is possible anywhere on the scale from 0 to the capacity. As such, this value represents an increasingly large error as percentage of reading towards the low end of the scale. It is, therefore, recommended that a sensor is selected with capacity as close as possible to the expected load. The resolution may be different for some sensors depending on whether a M7I, M5I, or M3I indicator is being used. For example, a Series R01 force sensor will display finer resolution when connected to a M5I indicator than when connected to a M3I indicator.


Dimensions-R05 Series

Dimensions for the Series R05 force sensors, all dimensions are in Inch with [mm] behind

Capacity x Resolution with Model 7i and 5i Indicators
MR05-5002,5 x 0,0012500 x 1250 x 0,18000 x 5500 x 0,2 

Capacity x Resolution with Model 3i Indicator
MR05-5002500 x 2250 x 0,2500 x 0,5

Accuracy:± 0.15% of full scale + indicator
Weight:0.9 kg
Shipping weight1,8 kg
Warranty:3 years

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