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DTSM Digital Micro Torque Screwdriver

The DTSM is a torque measuring manual screwdriver designed for lab and production use.

The Large Color Organic LED (OLED) Display measures bi-directional torque in real-time or peak modes. The USB output allows easy data processing using the included software, bluetooth output is optionally available.

The DTSM has an Accuracy of ± 1% of Actual Reading from 10%-100% of full Scale, ±1 LSD and has programmable setpoints that provide both an audible beep and green/red LED signals for uniform tightening or GO/NO GO testing.

Use the > 2000 internal memory for data recall

The DTSM substantially reduces scrap and rework costs by eliminating over and under-tightening and is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including the manufacture of electronic, appliance and aerospace assemblies.

2 models:
- PR: professional model with peak torque and memory
- SP: topmodel with PLC & SPC output and presets

7 ranges available up to 10 N-m

  • Easy to use
  • Over 180 hours of battery life
  • Large Color Organic LED Screen with high visibility and warning signals
  • Accuracy of measurement better than 1%
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate included
  • 1 year warranty

Feature Comparison Chart
Feature Comparison Chart EZ PR SP
Peak Measurement Mode -
Memory (2000+ Measurements) -
USB Output, Software & Cable -
SPC & PLC Output - -
99 Programmable Presets - -
Multiple languages - -
Calibration Reminder; by date or # of measurements - -

Torque ranges
N-m Lb-in Lb-ft Oz-in N-cm Kgf-m Kgf-cm

Model Range Drive
DTSM-50 5 - 50 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM-150 15 - 150 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM-200 20 - 200 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM- 350 35 - 350 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM- 500 50 - 500 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM-5T 50 - 500 N-cm 1/4"
DTSM-10T 100 - 1000 N-cm 1/4"

Model DTSM-5T and DTSM-10T are delivered with a threaded handle

Display 4 digit LCD
Resolution Up to 50 Ncm : 0.05 Ncm
Up to 1000 Ncm : 0.1 Ncm
Accuracy Better than 1% accuracy LH & RH Threshold to Max
Weight 750 g
Working Time 180 hours
Power Supply 4x AA Standard or rechargeable batteries
Auto Power Save Automatic power down
Data Transfer PLC communication using ASCII or Binary Transfer
RS232 & USB bi-directional communications
Presets 99
Drive Size 1/4"
Operation CW, CCW
Operationmodes PR: Trac, Preset, Units, Peak, Upload, Set, Backlite
SP:Trac, Preset, Units, Peak, Upload, Set, Backlite, Recall, Clear, Date, Language, Comm
Data Memory 2094 values
Warranty 1 year



Product name
DTSM-PR-5T Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 453,00 
DTSM-PR-10T Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 453,00 
DTSM-PR-50 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 427,00 
DTSM-PR-150 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 427,00 
DTSM-PR-200 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 427,00 
DTSM-PR-350 - Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 427,00 
DTSM-PR-500 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 427,00 
DTSM-SP-50 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-150 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-200 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-350 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-500 Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-5T - Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
DTSM-SP-10T - Digital Torque Screwdriver
£ 519,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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