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TEM-1 Textile Moisture Meter

Made in GermanyThe Check-Line TEM-1 textile moisture meter determines the residual moisture in yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, filaments, fiber flocks, etc...

The measuring principle of the TEM-1 is based on the electrical conductivity of the material which always bears a fixed relation to the moisture. All changes in resistance inside the measuring ranges of interest are sufficiently pronounced to ensure a high degree of accuracy for the readings obtained with the TEM-1.

The electrical indicating accuracy of the TEM-1 is +/- 0.1% whilst the reproducibility is +/- 0.2% referred of the absolute readings on the meter dial.


TEM-1 Scales


  • Easy to use for many applications
  • Multiple scale for direct readings for wool, rayon and cotton
  • Portable, battery-operated
  • 0 -100 scale for comparison tables used for other materials like Polyester, Polyamid and many material mixtures
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Standard Electrodes
tmm 205 205

Needle electrode for yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks (needle length 25 mm)

tmm 207 207

Needle electrode for yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks (needle length 100 mm)

Optional Electrodes
tmm 205 202

For cotton, Ø 140 x 36 mm, weight 55 g

tmm 205 206

For measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks, needle length 45 mm, weight 45 g

209 BSM

Cotton electrode, especially for measuring cotton and similar products in sacks or pressed bales; piercing point: app 75 mm
(total length app. 250 mm)


Stab electrode for textiles in sacks and rolls (needle length 325 mm)

209 BSM

Cotton electrode, especially for measuring cotton and similar products in sacks or pressed bales; piercing point: app 75 mm
(total length app. 250 mm)
tmm 210 210

Knife electrode for rolls or bales of textile fabric
(knife length 110 mm)
tmm 211 211

Roller electrode for running webs of textiles
(roller 27 mm Ø)
tmm 212 212

Continuous run electrode for yarn hanks and single filaments (roller 16 mm Ø)
tmm 213 213

Surface electrode for fabrics
(surface 23 mm Ø)
Electrode for calibration 299

Calibration electrode with a fixed calibration value

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Complete Kit

The TEM-1 is supplied as a complete with leather carrying case, electrode with holder, electrodes 205, 207 and connecting cable.


Measuring rangesWool: 8 to 24.5% moisture content
Rayon: 3 to 23% moisture content
Cotton: 2 to 12% moisture content
Comparison measurement: 0 - 100 scale
Power9V battery
Weight400 g
Dimensions200 x 250 x 70 mm (L x W x H)

Buy Now

TEM-1 Textile Moisture Meter Complete Kit including 205 & 207 Probe
€ 1.333,00 
TEM-Textile Moisture Meter with carrying case, without attachments
€ 1.078,00 

TEM-202 - Cup Electrode for taking sample moisture measurements
€ 402,00 
TEM-205 - Needle Electrode 25mm
€ 67,50 
TEM-206 - Needle Electrode 45mm
€ 67,50 
TEM-207 - Needle Electrode 100mm
€ 67,50 
TEM-208 - Needle Electrode 17mm
€ 67,50 
TEM-209 - Stab Electrode 325mm
€ 139,50 
TEM-209-BSM Stabbing electrode for pressed bales
€ 139,50 
TEM-210 - Knife electrode 110mm
€ 108,00 
TEM-211 Roller Electrode
€ 91,50 
TEM-212 - Flow Electrode
€ 95,00 
TEM-213 - Surface electrode for textiles and fabrics
€ 69,00 
TEM-299 Calibration Module
€ 275,00 
TEM-204 Universal Electrode Holder
€ 60,00 
TEM-200 Cable connection cable
€ 60,00 
TEM-RING Spare Ring Universal Electrode Holder 204
€ 9,95 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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