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VLS Optical Speed Sensors with NPN Pulse or Analog Output

VLS Series Optical Speed Sensors - Standard Models
The Visible Light Optical Sensors series is primarily designed for use in speed related situations . It is especially suitable for use with our range of Digital Tachometers, which include hand held, panel mounted and bench style instruments. A range of mounting devices is available for hands free applications.

Condition monitoring applications
There are 2 versions with on/off switch fitted so that battery power is conserved when used with battery powered equipment.

Mains/battery pack
A suitable mains adaptor/battery pack is available for use with all 5vdc VLS versions.

Optical ranges
The optical ranges are up to 1 metre for visible light versions and up to 2 metres with the Laser light types (with reflective tape).

High speed applications
A clip on prefocussed adaptor lens (LN1) is available which can allow operation without reflective tape in certain controlled conditions.

Power options
These sensors are available in 5vdc and 7.5- 40vdc powered options, normally provided by the associated instrument from our range.

Contact Adaptor
The contact adaptor converts the optical function into direct shaft contactor for both RPM and linear speed measurement. This bayonet fitting device operates via a Hall Effect magnetic sensor built into the Sensor housing which picks up data from a magnet in the VLS sensor.

VLS/DA1 Optical Speed Sensor with Analogue output
The new VLS/DA1 Optical Sensor with integral Digital/Analogue convertor, is designed for datalogging applications and where general speed monitoring of machines is required. It is particularly useful for monitoring & recording speed data.
The VLS/DA1 is designed for use with Datalogging and Condition monitoring equipment.

  • Condition monitoring applications with on/off switch to conserve battery power with battery powered equipment
  • Up to 1 metre for visible light versions and up to 2 metres with the Laser light types (with reflective tape).
  • Sensors available in 5vdc en 7.5 - 40vdc power options
  • Optical mains/battery pack for all 5vdc VLS versions
  • Optional clip on prefocussed adaptor lens (LN1) for operation without reflective tape in certain controlled conditions.
  • Contact adapter for RPM and linear speed measurement, operating with a Hall Effect magnetic sensor built into the Sensor housing which picks up from a magnet in the VLS sensor

Complete Kit

Optical Range50mm - 2 metre (1 metre Visible light version)
Optical Angle+/- 80° (+/- 45° visible light version)
Overall Speed 0-250,000 rpm (with lens range adaptor at high speed)
Ext. Power Adapter 9-12vdc @ 300mA (ext. Adpt.)
Lens Double lens reflex
Light Sources Visible light 5vdc minilamp - typical 2,000hrs
Visible Laser 635nm CLASS II
Power Requirements VLS5/versions = 120mA@ 5vdc (Laser max. 85mA)
Operating Temp-10° to +70°C (45°C Laser type)
Dimensions L 130mm x D 34mm
Connections Various cable & connector options
Integral connector
Output PulseNPN
Analogue6vdc (VLS/DA1 only)


Buy Now

VLS5/T - Optical Sensor
€ 330,00 
€ 601,00 
VLS5/D/LSR - Laser Model for Bench - Panel Tachometer with Pulse Output
€ 575,00 
VLS5/J/LSR - Optical Laser Sensor
€ 550,00 
VLS/DA1 - VLS with DA output 4V O/P
€ 482,00 

SIPP/1 Portable 5Vdc Sensor Power Pack
€ 414,00 
SIPP/AC2 230v AC Charger (European 2 pin) for Portable 5Vdc Sensor Power Pack
€ 169,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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