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TIME 5100/5102/5104 Portable Metal Hardness Testers

The TIME 5100, TIME 5102 and TIME 5104 hardness testers are compact and work according to the dynamic rebound testing method by Leeb.

Leeb hardness testing was developed in 1975 in Switzerland and is now one of the most used portable hardness testing methods available.
These device excel in their fast and reliable measurements, they are compact, light and easy to operate.

The TIME 5100 series comes in three different models,

The TIME 5100 is the standard model of the range, it has an integrated D type impact device and works well on test object of ≥5kg (2kg on solid support) that has a roughness of ≤1,6μm(Ra) on the measured surface.
With an accuracy of 0.5% ±3HLD and gravity compensation for testing at any angle the TIME 5100 provides accurate and reliable test results on a wide variation of objects.

The TIME 5102 comes with a C type low impact device that is fully integrated. With its lower impact, ±25% of the D impact device, it can measure objects of ≥1,5kg (0,5kg on solid support) with a minimum thickness of 1mm and a surface roughness of ≤0,4μm(Ra).
It has an accuracy of 1% ± 6HLC and can measure a maximum hardness value of 1000 HV (Vickers). This device is especially suitable for thin walled objects, coatings and/or objects with a thin, ≥0,2mm, case hardened depth.

The TIME 5104 is more specific in its purpose, it is equipped with a DL impact device for tight spaces. This impact device with its specially designed protruding needle can measure in narrow spaces that cannot be reached with a normal tester.
The TIME 5104 has an accuracy of 2% ± 12HLC and it shares its other specs with the TIME 5100 with the minimum weight of a test object of ≥5kg (2kg on solid support) and a roughness of ≤1,6μm(Ra).
The TIME 5104 is equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

The TIME 5100, TIME 5102 and TIME 5104 are developed to measure the hardness of metallic surfaces such as Steel, cast steel, cold work tool steel, stainless steel, grey/nodular cast iron, aluminium, cast aluminium alloys, brass, bronze and wrought copper alloys.
Features like their compactness, easy calibration and gravity compensation for testing at any angle make them very usable and efficient in a workshop, a warehouse, as part of a FAT or in the field.

Typical applications for these devices are:
- large, heavy components or fixed machine parts
- serial products during the production process
- material identification in storage
- measurement on locations with difficult access

The TIME 5100 and TIME 5102 work with easy to replace AA batteries, the TIME 5104 comes with an integrated Li-ion battery. All three versions have a large backlit LCD display, integrated software, a memory of 270 readings in 9 group files and can be connected to a computer or mini printer. PC connection is assisted by Software Dataview (optional) TH51X (especially for TH51X series Hardness Test) with both online measurement and offline data analysis mode:curve chart, data sheet, setting of tolerance limit and data report are available. The devices are easy to calibrate and come in a kit with manual, the appropriate, ASTM/ISO certified, hardness block, a cleaning brush and a certificate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Handheld dynamic metal hardness tester
  • Conversion of hardness scales Rockwell HRB, HRC, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS, HLD/C/DL
  • Stores up to 270 average readings in 9 group files
  • Automatic identification of impact test direction with gravity compensation
  • Integrated impact device, no cables!
  • Upper /lower limits setting
  • Dynamic rapid hardness test procedure
  • Wide measuring range
  • For all metallic materials
  • Simple handling and low test expenditure
  • Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters
  • Backlit display for convenience in darkness
  • Optional Dataview software for data analysis and processing
  • Confirming to ISO 18659 and ASTM A 956
  • Optional printer available

General information hardness testers

Hardness testing of metalic surfaces.

Hardness testing can be divided in a two categories, Bench hardness testers and portable hardness testers.

Bench hardness testers usually determine the hardness of a sample using standard methods of Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, or Shore, most commonly used is testing the resistance of the material to plastic deformation. In general bench hardness testers are large and heavy, are installed either on a table or a floor and weigh >50 kg. The advantage of these testers is that it is easy to control test environment and method of testing. Stationary equipment has a high rate of repeatability which a more accurate result.

Portable hardness testers are smaller in size and weigh making them easier to use in the field. Most of these testers are of the nondestructive type and use technology like rebound, electromatic or ultrasonic. Modern portable hardness testers can detect the hardness in basically all hardness scales. They are portable and in most cases easy to operate. No sample is required as the test can be performed directly on the component. Most modern portable hardness testers can are equipped with an internal storage to store the test data, and many use an app to set parameters and transfer data to a computer or server for reporting purposes.


Measuring range / materials
Steel & cast steel300 - 90038.4 - 99.820 - 68.481 - 65481.1 - 95532.5 - 995
Cold work tool steel300 - 840-20.4 - 67.1-80 - 898-
Stainless steel300 - 80046.5 - 101.719.6 - 62.485 - 65585 - 802-
Gray cast iron360 - 650--93 - 334--
Nodular cast iron400 - 66023.8 - 34.6-131 - 387--
Cast aluminium200 - 57013.5 - 95.3-26.8 - 164--
Brass200 - 550--40 - 173--
Bronze300 - 700--60 - 290--
Copper200 - 690--45 - 315--
Wrought steel---143 - 650--

Complete Kit

The Impact hardness tester will be delivered including:

  • Test block with HLD/C/DL value
  • ISO/ASTM Certificate for test block
  • AAA Batteries (2pcs) for 5100/5102
  • Charger for TIME 5104
  • Support ring small
  • Cleaning brush
  • Coupling paste
  • USB communication cable
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Carrying case

ModelTIME 5100TIME 5102TIME 5104
Impact deviceD integratedC integratedDL integrated
Accuracy0,5% ± 3HLD1% ± 6HLC2% ± 12HLDL
Memory270 average readings in 9 group files270 average readings in 9 group files270 average readings in 9 group files
Min. surface roughness of work piece1,6μm ( Ra)0,4μm ( Ra)1,6μm ( Ra)
Max. work piece hardness 960HLD 960HLC950HLDL
Min. radius of work piece (convex/concave)Rmin = 50mm (with support ring Rmin = 10mm)Rmin= 11mm (with support ring )Rmin = 10mm (with support ring Rmin = 10mm)
Min. work piece weight2~5kg on stable support 0.05~2kg with compact coupling0.5~1.5kg on stable support 0.02~0.5kg with compact coupling2~5kg on stable support 0.05~2kg with compact coupling
Min. work piece thickness coupled 5mm1mm5mm
Min. thickness of hardened layers 0,8mm0,2mm0,8mm
Continuous working time8h (without backlight)8h (without backlight)8h (without backlight)
PowerAAA 1.5V batteriesAAA 1.5V batteriesRechargeable battery, 3,7V
Operating temperature 0~40℃0~40℃0~40℃
Dimensions (mm) 155mm ×24 mm × 55mm155mm × 24mm × 55mm210mm × 24mm × 55mm
Weight (g) 180gr180gr200gr

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  • Measuring range e.g.:
    - HLD 170 untill 960
    - HRC 20 until 68;
    - HV 81 until 955
  • Conforms to ASTM and DIN norms

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