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FB Mechanical force gauge

The rugged construction of the FB mechanical force gauge will withstand industrial environments and yet retain calibration for extended periods. The ergonomic design makes it ideal for hand held use, or it can be mounted to a test stand. The zero tare ring allows you to zero the gauge to compensate for measuring attachments and changes in measuring position. The real time/peak hold selector switch allows you to observe transients or capture peaks. Many ranges are available to cover all of your measurement needs (also available in Newtons). The FB series is sold in kits complete with force gauge, hard carrying case, five measuring attachments (flat head, conical, chisel, notched, and small hook) as well as a 3 inch extension shaft.

  • Ideal for precision tension and compression measurements in all environments
  • Real Time and Peak Force display
  • Free manufacturer´s calibration report
  • Ergonomic rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • Zero Tare Ring to zero the gauge in each position
  • Full set of accessories and carrying case included
  • Easy to use
  • Peak Force Hold function captures tension values and peaks
  • Simple, vitually maintance free
  • Easy to read dial
  • For hand-held use or mounting on test stands

Tension Ranges
ModelRanges Resolution   
FB-10 N 0 - 10 N 0.05 N   
FB-20 N 0 - 20 N 0.1 N   
FB-30 N 0 - 30 N 0.2 N   
FB-50 N 0 - 50 N 0.25 N   
FB-100 N 0 - 100 N 0.5 N   
FB-200 N 0 - 200 N 1 N   
FB-300 N 0 - 300 N 2 N   
FB-500 N 0 - 500 N 2.5 N   
FB-1 KG 0 - 1 KG 10 gf   
FB-2 KG 0 - 2 KG 20 gf   
FB-3 KG 0 - 3 KG 25 gf   
FB-5 KG 0 - 5 KG 50 gf   
FB-10 KG 0 - 10 KG 100 gf   
FB-20 KG 0 - 20 KG 200 gf   
FB-30 KG 0 - 30 KG 250 gf   
FB-50 KG 0 - 50 KG 500 gf   

Complete Kit
The FB mechanical force gauge will be delivered with standard attachments, carrying case, manufacturer's calibration report and operating instructions.

Standard Attachments

A-Series (aluminum,thread M 6) attachments are supplied for models with capacities up to 100 N
S-Series (steel, thread M6) attachments are supplied for models with capacity from 100 N to 500 N
(1) Small hook A-1, S-1
(2) Flat tip A-2, S-2
(3) Conical tip A-3, S-3
(4) Chisel tip A-4, S-4
(5) Notched tip A-5, S-5
(6) Extension shaft A-6, S-6


MOH-1 Optional Handle

  • Optonal handle to ensure safe and consistent measuring conditions.
  • For mechanical gauges as PS and FB

More details

MOH-1 Optional Handle 125870

Related Products

Cic-Force Calibration Force Gauge

  • Short turnaround
  • Exclusively in accordance with Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD) working standards, class F1; calibration-no: 19026 - 07
  • Possibility to adjust and repair

More details

Cic-Force Calibration Force Gauge


Displacement:10 mm
Accuracy:± 0,3% Full scale
Temperature range:5 - 45°C
Air humidity:85% RH, max.
Housing dimensions:235 x 65 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
Weight, net (gross)approx. 530 g (1000 g)

Buy Now

FB-10N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-20N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-30N Mechanical Force Gauge 0-30 N
€ 365,00 
FB-50N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-100N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-200N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-300N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-500N Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 365,00 
FB-1KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-2KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-3KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-5KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-10KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-20KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-30KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 495,00 
FB-50KG Mechanical Force Gauge
€ 578,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request