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CT6 Optical/ Contact Hand Tachometers with LED display

The CT6 series of hand held tachometers are available 2 versions.

CT6 Standard Optical System:

  • Optical Range (50 – 1000mm)
  • Optical Angle (+/- 45 degree)

CT6/LSR Laser Optical System:

  • Optical Range (50 – 2000mm)
  • Optical Angle (+/- 80 degree)

Both versions have facilities for both optical and contact measurements.

Measurement Ranges:
- Linear speed Metres per minute 
- Linear speed Feet per minute 
- Count mode – length and revolutionss
- Time interval (Reciprical speed)
- Time accumulative (Average rate)

CT6/LSR/ERP is supplied with the LN1 short speed adaptor and has the facility for the end user to be able to adjust the optical sensitivity. This is useful when measuring high speeds using the LN1 short range adaptor where the target may be a mark rather than retro-reflective tape.


  • Long Optical Range
  • Range of contact adapters for rpm & linear rate
  • External input for remote optical sensors is standard
  • Very wide speed range
  • Last reading hold & recall memory
  • Includes Certificate of calibration
  • Additional Count & Times modes
  • Wide range of accessories

Measuring Range3 to 99.999 rpm
Resolutionmax - 0,001 (auto)
Optical RangeCT6: 2 - 36" (.05 - 1m)
CT6/LSR: 2 - 72" (.05 - 2m)
Count Mode0 - 99999 revolutions
Resolution0.1 metre or 1rpm
Time accumulative0,01 - 99999 seconds
Time Interval0,01 - 99999 (seconds / revolutions)
Accuracy0,02% of reading +/- 1 digit
On Target IndicatorYes
Low battery IndicatorYes
Power4 AAA Batteries (included)
RPM3 - 50.000 rpm
Meters / Min0,30 - 1999,9
Feet/Min0,30 - 4500,0
Length0-999,9 meters (resolution 0,1 meters)
Totale Resolutions0-9999 resolutions



LSAB-2 Contact Adaptor LSAB-2 for CT-range Tachometers

  • Contact adaptor for CT6 models tachometer
  • Suitable for the Mayer & Wonisch CT7 Tachometer
  • Operation range of 3 to 50.000 rpm
    0.3 to 1.999,9 metres per minute
  • Supplied with:
    RPM cone and metric surface speed disc

More details

LSAB-2 Contact Adaptor LSAB-2 for CT-range Tachometers 127133

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CT6 - Optical/Contact Hand Tachometer with LED display
€ 550,00 
CT6/LSR - Optical/Contact Hand Tachometer with LED display
€ 601,00 

LSAB-2 - Linear Speed Adaptor
€ 141,00 
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