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Series E - Ergonomic Force Gauge

Made in the USASeries E compression and traction gauges enable simple, easy and accurate job task analysis as well as ergonomics analysis and testing of muscle strength.It provides a simple and economical testing solution for occupational scientists, physicians and physiotherapists amongst other professionals.

The Series-E capacity force gauges are available in 500, 2,500 and 5,000 N. In addition, a wide range of attachments for various applications is available. Pre-configured kits can be selected, including a gauge, accessories and carrying case, or each item can be selected individually according to your specific needs. Furthermore, special attachments such as the Myometer conversion kit are available, so that an adaptation to any test situation is possible.

Attachments click and lock into place due to the innovative Click-Lock™ technology, which represents a rugged anti-rotation locking mechanism. The attachments can be clicked into 90° or 180° orientations. As opposed to conventional force gauges, no fastening is required, reducing the risk of damage done to the instrument.




  • Data memory for 5000 measured values - measured values can be stored manually or continuously with up to 7000 Hz
  • Measures compressive and tensile force peak values
  • Statistical functions for stored measured values
  • Versatile and configurable ergonomic force gauge
  • Three available measuring ranges: 500, 100 and 2500 Newton
  • Click-Lock ™ attachment technology for accessories
  • USB data output
  • Programmable highs and lows for pass / fail tests
  • Mode for averaging the forces over a given time
  • MESUR ™ Lite data processing software

Measuring ranges
Model Capacity Resolution
ME-100 50 kgF
50000 gF
500 N
0.01 kgF
10 gF

100 kgF
1000 N
1 kN

0.02 kgF
0.2 N
0.0002 kN
ME-500 250 kgF
2500 N
2.5 kN
0.2 kgF
0.5 N
0.0005 kN

Complete sets
Model Description
EKE-100-1 Basic ergonomic-kit 500 N

Basic ergonomic-kit 1000 N

EKE-500-1 Basic ergonomic-kit 2500 N
EKE-100-2 Professional ergonomic-kit 500 N
EKE-200-2 Professional ergonomic-kit 1000 N
EKE-500-1 Professional ergonomic-kit 2500N

Tension Ranges
Model Description     Basic Kit Professional Kit
Ergonomical force gauge    
E1002 Upholstered top, quadrangul    
E1003 Upholstered top, rectangular    
E1004 Upholstered top, vaulted    
E1005 Padded top, circular    
E1006 Rake    
E1007 Chain/ Rake attachment    
E1008 Single handle    
E1009 Double Handle    
E1010 Pistol handle    
E1011 Accessories adapter¹    
E1012 Loop cable¹ and accessoriess    
E1013 Myometerkit²    
E1000 Carrying case, small    
E1001 Carrying case, big    
1. Does not fit in the carrying case
2. Does not fit in the carrying case. Requires E1006 rakes.

For more information and details on each picture, please browse through the gallery pictures displayed at the top of the page.

Precision: ± 0.2% of the full exchange rate
Sampling rate: 7000 Hz
Power supply: AC power adapter or battery-powered. Multi-level battery indicator always informs about the current state of charge.
Battery life: Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off up to 24 hours of continuous use
Measuring units: lbF, ozF, gF, kgF, N, kN (depending on the model)
USB data output: Configurable up to 115,200 baud
Secure overload: 200% of the full replacement fee (warning notice)
Calibration: NIST traceable calibration certificate with test data
Weight: 0,8 kg
Delivery includes: Carrying Case, Universal AC Adapter, Batteries, USB Cable, Resource CD (USB Driver, MESUR ™ Lite Software, MESUR ™ gauge MESUR ™ gauge Plus 90-Day Trial and Instruction Manual), NIST traceable calibration certificate
Guarantee: 3 years

Buy Now

Product name
ME-100E Ergonomics Force Gauge - 100 lbF/500 N
£ 789,00 
ME-200E Ergonomic Force Gauge - 1000 N
£ 789,00 
ME-500E Ergonomic Force Gauge - 2500 N
£ 789,00 
EKE-100-1E Advanced Ergonomics Testing Kit - 100 lbF/500 N
£ 1.106,00 
EKE-200-1E Advanced Ergonomics Testing Kit - 200 lbF/1000 N
£ 1.106,00 
EKE-500-1E Advanced Ergonomics Testing Kit - 500 lbF/2500 N
£ 1.106,00 
EKE-100-2E Professional Ergonomic Kit - 500 N
£ 1.501,00 
EKE-200-2E Professional Ergonomic Kit - 1000 N
£ 1.501,00 
EKE-500-2E Professional Ergonomic Kit - 2500 N
£ 1.501,00 

Product name
E1000 - Carrying Case Series E, small
£ 162,00 
E1001 - Carrying Case Series E, large
£ 230,00 
E1002 - Padded attachment, square, Series E
£ 72,00 
E1003 - Padded attachment, rectangular, Series E
£ 80,00 
E1004 - Padded attachment, curved, Series E
£ 90,00 
E1005 - Padded attachment, circular, Series E
£ 113,00 
E1006 - Snap Hook, Series E
£ 103,00 
E1007 - Snap Hook / Chain Assembly , Series E
£ 94,00 
E1008 - Single Handle Grip, Series E
£ 94,00 
E1009 - Double Handle Grip, Series E
£ 140,00 
E1010 - Pistol Grip, Series E
£ 230,00 
E1011 - Grip Adapter, Series E
£ 49,00 
E1012 - Looped Cable, Series E
£ 49,00 
E1013 - Myometer Accessory, Series E
£ 253,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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