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StratoTest 4100 Asphalt Layer Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe StratoTest 4100 is a highly developed, non-destructive road layer thickness measuring gauge to measure bituminous road layers or other electrically insulating road layers. Initially developed for measuring bituminous wearing courses, the StratoTest nowadays is mainly used for road inspection and cost settlement according to the German standard TPD StB 89. Due to its versatility, it can also be used for wall thickness measurement or thickness measurement of unreinforced concrete linings. Measurement with the StratoTest is unaffected by humidity or temperature of the layer material. Furthermore, even strong variations in the magnetic or electrical properties of the layer material or variations in the ambient temperature do not impair the measuring results.

The StratoTest 4100 is designed for on-site testing of pavement thickness. This most accurate electronic gauge provides immediate thickness readings of road layers during construction work. As a result, road layers can be paved more accurately and economically avoiding increased factor of safety for pavement thickness. At the same time, the risk of invoice deductions can be prevented when it comes to cost settlement.

The easy to operate StratoTest provides quick and accurate readings that are provided in correlation with their relevent measuring spots and stations without the need of extended set-up times. With real-time test reports being immediately at hand, the StratoTest proved to be the ideal gauge for road inspection.

During pavement works, reflector foils are installed under the road layers at pre-selected measuring spots for later inspection through the road constructions authorities. Mounted on a foldable dolly, the gauge fits perfectly into any car.

The core drill method of road surface testing is a destructive, time-consuming, costly and inaccurate procedure. The StratoTest has none of these drawbacks, combining completely non-destructive measurement with accurate and repeatable test results displayed within seconds. The newly developed gauge is based on 20 years experience particularly for experts in road construction. As with former models, the new gauge measures the thickness of all materials used in road construction.

Measuring Principle
Prior to road paving, measuring reflectors are installed on the sub-base at pre-selected spots. As reflectors, self-adhesive aluminium foils or sheets (generally 1 m x 0.3 m)are placed in direction of traffic. The reflectors serve as a reference for thickness measurement after the road has been paved over the measuring spot.

The new StratoTest not only allows the measurement over standard size reflectors but also over all typical reflector sizes, even on large steel parts (surfaces on bridges).The gauge probe takes the form of a disc-shaped coil assembly working on energised high frequency. As the probe approaches the aluminium sheet, the pick-up coil registers the field density, which in turn is directly related to layer thickness. The StratoTest evaluates the results immediately, displaying readings digitally in cm or inch.

A new searching mode now enables the simple, safe and quick location of the reflectors:
- Acoustically via headphones (audible also during street noise)
- Optically by an analogue indication of the minimum
- Digitally by an indication of the lowest reading
The StratoTest can be used in two modes, in the DIRECT mode and in the SITE mode. The DIRECT mode is to be used for the immediate measurement:
Switch on – search – measure. The single readings and their calculated statistics are memorized and can be transferred immediately or later to the portable data printer MiniPrint or to a PC. The SITE mode enables the operator to put in code numbers for a clear identification of the readings:
- to the site
- to the kind of layer material to be measured (surfacing, binder course, base course, etc.)
- to the measuring station and
- to the measuring position within the station

  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Direct thickness indication in cm or inches
  • Thickness range up to 40 cm
  • Measurements repeatable at the same spot
  • Complete print-out of all site measurements
  • Special probe available for thickness range up to 80 cm
  • Simple and safe location of the reflector: audible signal with analogue and digital indication
  • Quick and reliable accuracy check with calibration plate
  • Calibration feature with certified calibration distance pieces
  • Adjustment of an OFFSET value. This is automatically added to or substracted from every reading. The adjusted OFFSET value is indicated with every print-out and with every data transfer.
  • Large display with operator advice
  • Storage of readings and statistical values for immediate or later print-out
  • Foldable dolly to fit in any car
  • Weather protection box with Plexiglas cover mounted on dolly for storing gauge and printer. The Plexiglas cover may also be used as a writing pad.

Complete Kit
The StratoTest 4100 is delivered as a complete kit including:
- StratoTest 4100 gauge
- Alkaline batteries
- N400ST probe
- Connecting cable for probe and gauge
- Calibration plate
- Headphones
- Instruction manual

Measuring range
ModelRanges Aluminium foil/sheet sizeAccuracy  
0 - 30 cm 0.7 m x 0.3 m± (0.1 cm + 2 % of reading)  
30 - 35 cm 0.7 m x 0.3 m± 2 % of reading  
30 - 35 cm 1.0 m x 0.3 m± 2 % of reading  
35 - 40 cm 1.0 m x 0.3 m± 3 % of reading  
0 - 30 cm 0.6 m x 0.6 m± (0.1 cm + 2 % of reading)  
30 - 35 cm 0.6 m x 0.6 m± 2 % of reading  
30 - 35 cm 1.0 m x 1.0 m steel± 2 % of reading  
35 - 40 cm 1.0 m x 1.0 m steel± 2 % of reading  

Measuring PrincipleEddy current testing
Measurable layersAll non-metallic road layer materials
ReflectorsAluminium foils or sheets of different sizes
Measuring RangesN400ST standard probe: 0 - 40 cm
N100ST optional probe: 0 - 10 cm
N800ST optional probe: 0 - 80 cm
Resolution of Standard Probe0.1 cm from 0 - 30 cm, 0.2 cm from 30 - 35 cm, 0.4 cm from 35 - 40 cm
DisplayDigital on LCD
Data storageDIRECT mode: approx. 500 single readings and statistical values
SITE mode: approx. 6000 single readings incl. statistics
Memory5 site memories available with 300 stations each, 4 measuring spots per station, 5 layer material types per measuring spot
Power Supply1 x 9V alkaline battery
Battery Lifeapprox. 20 hours
Ambient TemperatureGauge: 0°C - 50°C
Probe: 0°C - 70°C
Shipping Weight28 kg (dimensions: 64 x 63 x 28 cm)

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StratoTest 4100 Basic unit with probe N 400 St
€ 8.583,00 

N100 St probe for StratoTest 4100
€ 3.395,00 
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Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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