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QuintSonic Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe QuintSonic Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge is a portable gauge, especially designed for non-destructive coating thickness measurements of paint, varnish, plastics and other insulation coatings applied on wood, plastics, glass, ceramics etc. as well as for polymer layers on metals. Up to now, these materials could only be measured destructively.

The QuintSonic enables measurement of up to 5 coatings in a single operation
As a special feature, the gauge offers the possibility to measure the total thickness as well as the individual layers of a multi-layer system in only one measuring process. The QuintSonic coating thickness gauge measures single and multi-layers of coatings up to a total thickness of 500 μm. The robust gauge is appropriate for use in the laboratory, in production and on site.

As the first equipment of its sort, the QuintSonic makes it possible to measure coatings on fiber-reinforced plastics, e.g. CFRP, WPC, GFRP.

The intelligent evaluation of the ultrasonic signal reading allows rapid recording of measured values of over 40 measurements per minute.

  • Non-destructive coating thickness measurements
  • Suited for coatings up to a total thickness up to 500 μm
  • Robust measuring gauges for use in the laboratory, in production and on site
  • Measurement of the total thickness as well as the individual layer thickness of a multi-layer system in only one operation
  • Storage and documentation of measuring values
  • Limit setting with optical and acoustic warning when limits are exceeded
  • Conforms to DIN EN ISO 2808 & ASTM D6132

Complete Kit

The QuintSonic Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge is supplied as a complete kit, including:

  • QuintSonic Coating Thickness gauge
  • SIDSP® sensor
  • Sensor Cable
  • Software QSoft Professional
  • USB cable for the Quintsonic
  • Coupling liquid, 100 g
  • Operating instruction
  • Single layer sample for gauge verification
  • Plastic case

Measuring range / Resolution / Accuracy
(at 2375 m/s ultrasonic velocity in all layers)
No. Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
1: 356 µm 0,25 µm 0,25 µm
2: 890 µm 0,5 µm 0,5 µm
3: 1.900 µm 1 µm 1 µm
4: 3.900 µm 2 µm 2 µm
5: 7.500 µm 4 µm 4 µm

Measuring principleUltrasonic pulse run-time method
Minimum layer thicknessapprox. 10 µm (depending on the ultrasonic velocity in the layer)
Number of layersup to 5 layers in one operation
Measurement cycle timeapprox. 1 s
Memory Capacitymax. 250,000 measuring values in max. 300 batches
Statistical evaluationn, x- , s, kvar, max, min, with time and date of print-out and reading
Limit settingwith optical and acoustic warning when limits are exceeded
InterfacesInfrared (IrDA® 1.0), USB (optional RS-232 via additional adapter cable)
Power supply4 x Mignon battery AA / LR06
Charger90 V to 264 V (charging time: 4 hours)
Operating temperature5 °C - 50 °C
Measuring area5 mm Ø
Contact area10 mm Ø
Minimum curvature radiusconvex:50 mm / concave: -
No. of test series300
Measurement unitsµm, mm, mils
International StandardsDIN EN ISO 2808
Signal processingSensor integrated digital 32-bit signal processing (SIDSP®)
Dimensions and weightGauge: 153 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm / 310 gr
Probe: Ø25 mm x Ø60 mm / 80 gr.

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QuintSonic 7 Complete Kit
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