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BLRTSX-R Brushless Rotary Torque & Angle Shaft Transducer

Used in-line with rotating shafts or nutrunners for feed back control. Motor testings, high RPM Tools or rotational measurement applications.

RA Models:

  • Angle output 2-channel quadrature
  • 360 pulses per rotation
  • Ability to measure the rotation angle of a fastener
  • Joint rate & breakaway torque can be measured too

  • Accuracy +/- 0.2% of full scale
  • Non-contact signal transfer and maintenance free
  • The brushless rotary torque & angle sensor with compact design & bi-directional

Torque ranges
ozf.in lbf.in lbf.ft cN.m N.m

Model Range
BLRTSX140z-R 0.17 - 1.00 N.m
BLRTSX140z-RA 0.17 - 1.00 N.m
BLRTSX18i-R 0.22 - 2 N.m
BLRTSX18i-RA 0.22 - 2 N.m
BLRTSX44i-R 0.45 - 5 N.m
BLRTSX44i-RA 0.45 - 5 N.m
BLRTSX89i-R 1 - 10 N.m
BLRTSX89i-RA 1 - 10 N.m
BLRTSX177i-R 2 - 20 N.m
BLRTSX177i-RA 2 - 20 N.m
BLRTSX36F-R 5 - 50 N.m
BLRTSX36F-RA 5 - 50 N.m
BLRTSX73F-RA 10 - 100 N.m
BLRTSX148F-RA 20 - 200 N.m
BLRTSX368F-RA 50 - 500 N.m
BLRTSX738F-RA 100 - 1000 N.m

Dimensions BLRTSX-R

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    System Accuracy +/- 1% of reading from 10% to 20% of full scale.
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LTT Torque and Angle Analyzer with USB Output

Accuracy ± 0.2% of full scale
Rated Output ± 5VDC ± 0.2% FS
Excitation Recommended 11VDC to 26VDC (pole secure)
Nonlinearity 0.2% FS
Usable Temperature Range 41 to 122 F
Mating Connector Tuchel Series 581 (98-2030-09-12)
Safe Overload 150% of Rated Output

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