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MTG Material Thickness Gauge

Made in the USAThe MTG Benchtop Contact Thickness Gage accurately and conveniently performs geometric dimensional testing (thickness measurement) on rubber, fabrics, foams, tapes/films and a wide assortment of other soft materials. It employs specified presser foot (feeler) of a specific diameter/area and combined with a predetermined mass (weight) as noted in the ASTM D 3767 standard.

The MTG System is supplied with a 16 mm diameter pressor foot and 212 g mass. This configuration is commonly used for measurement of all rubber materials with a hardness of 35 IRHD or below. Optional pressor foot diameters and related weights are available. Refer to details below.

Range: 0-25 mm
Resolution: 0.002 mm

Custom Weights and Footers can be made to meet a wide range of specifications. Contact us for more info.

The certified electronic indicator includes 3 SPC data output formats, measures in English or Metric, maximum reading hold, auto off, and left-hand lifting lever. The 150 x 160 x 50 mm laboratory grade certified granite base offers a smooth and extremely hard reference plane for precise and repeatable measurements of test samples. The indicator is fitted on an 200 mm tall column that is easily adjusted to be positioned optimally for the specific test sample to be measured.

For those requiring data output for recording and quality documentation purposes, a serial output cable and windows-based software program is optionally available.

  • Left-hand lever provides convenient means to lift footer for sample placement
  • User-selected units of inch or mm providing resolution of 0.002 mm (0.0001")
  • Supplied with 16 mm footer with 212g mass. Other footer diameters and weight sets are available. See below.
  • The Pressor foot includes a clever "swivel" feature to ensure optimal alignment with test sample for the highest possible accuracy
  • Digital Indicator is battery-powered and features PEAK-HOLD and Auto Power Off functions.
  • Electronic Indicator and Granite Base are supplied with traceable certification
  • Three outputs are provided for data transfer; RS-232, Mitutoyo (MTI) and BCD. Cable and Software are offered as an option.
  • Made and assembled in the USA with 1-Year Warranty
  • Software We recommend WinWedge Software for the MTG.


Optional Presser Foot (Feeler/Anvil) Offered
Presser Foot "A" Dim. (mm)  
PF-1 10.0
PF-2 8.0
PF-3 6.3
PF-4 6.0
PF-5 5.0
PF-6 4.0
PF-7 3.2
PF-8 16.0
PF-9 25.0

Presser Foot/Mass Combinations

For Materials Equal to or Above 35 IRHD

Foot Model Foot Dia. (mm) Mass (g) Mass Model
MTG-01-1 10.0 176 MTG-03-1
MTG-01-2 8.0 113 MTG-03-2
MTG-01-3 6.3 70 MTG-03-3
MTG-01-4 6.0 63 MTG-03-4
MTG-01-5 5.0 44 MTG-03-5
MTG-01-6 4.0 28 MTG-03-6
MTG-01-7 3.2 18 MTG-03-7
MTG-01-8 16.0 452 MTG-03-8
MTG-01-9 25.0 1104 MTG-03-9

For Materials Below 35 IRHD

Foot Model Foot Dia. (mm) Mass (g) Mass Model
MTG-01-1 10.0 80 MTG-04-1
MTG-01-2 8.0 52 MTG-04-2
MTG-01-3 6.3 32 MTG-04-3
MTG-01-4 6.0 29 MTG-04-4
MTG-01-5 5.0 20 MTG-04-5
MTG-01-6 4.0 13 MTG-04-6
MTG-01-7 3.2 8 MTG-04-7
MTG-01-8 16.0 212 MTG-04-8
MTG-01-9 25.0 518 MTG-04-9
Note: Custom Sized presser feet and weights (mass) to fit specific needs or applications are also available.

Measuring Range0-25 mm, Custom ranges up to 100 mm available (on request)
Resolution0.002 mm
Accuracy0.005 mm
Presser Foot Material303 Stainless Steel
Base MaterialLabratory Grade Granite
PowerCR2450 Lithium Coin Battery or <b>optional AC Adapter</b>
Battery ChemistryLithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
Warranty1 Year
Country of OriginUSA
Spindle Thread#4-48 UNF
System PressureMTG-DX, without Dampener: 20g ±3g (without Weight or Footer). This weight must be included when calculating test pressure
Weightappr. 7 kg



EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection Application

  • Intuitive Android App
  • Custom Tablet Stand
  • Simultaneous Connection of Up to 4 Devices (Durometer, Indicator, Caliper, Micrometer)
  • 7" Color Tablet
  • Mux Box

More details

EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection Application 127121

MTG-RINGS Stackable Ring Weights For MTG Thickness Gauge

    More details

    MTG-RINGS Stackable Ring Weights For MTG Thickness Gauge 127323

    Buy Now

    MTG-DX - Material Thickness Gauge System & Base and 16 mm footer with 212g weight
    € 1.505,00 
    MTG-DX2 - Material Thickness Gauge System ASTM D1777-2
    € 1.505,00 
    MTG-Material Thickness Gauge System with Air Dampener & Base and 16 mm footer with 212g weight
    € 1.983,00 

    APS300 Power Adapter - Univeral power supply unit 600mA
    € 25,00 
    MTG-RINGS - Set Of Stackable Ring Weights for MTG Thickness Gauge
    € 638,00 
    MTG-D1777-1 Weight & Footer for MTG-DX conform ASTM D-1777 Spec 1
    € 241,50 
    MTG-D1777-2 Weight for MTG-DX conform ASTM D-1777 Spec 2
    € 241,50 
    MTG-D1777-3 Weight for MTG-DX conform ASTM D-1777 Spec 3
    € 241,50 
    RX-G03-0018 RX-232 Data Output Cable
    € 123,00 
    RX-G13-0048 USB Data Output Cable for DD/RX and MTG Series
    € 172,00 
    EMS4 Remote Readout Data Collection Application
    € 1.401,00 
    DD-DB1 Smart USB Cable for DD-100xx and RX-DDxx Models
    € 453,00 
    All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
    Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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