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MX2 High Performance Motorized Test Stand

The MX2 Motorized Test Stand offer advanced force testing features

  • Digital speed control,
  • Timer control
  • Cycle counter

One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests

The MX2 Motorized Test Stand incorporates an easy to read LCD screen onto the base. Use the intuitive program dial to set the mode, speed, test duration time, number of cycles and change other available test settings. With numerous customizable test settings, the test stand can be used for a variety of tests including: destructive, non-destructive testing, limit testing to a force value, cycle testing and more.

Moreover, some test conditions such as traveling speed are set in digital. It makes your force test high repeatable.

Simple Operation
To perform test, you just press the button.
The force gauge travels between the limit knobs on the side of the column at the setting or the fastest speed.

Easy Setup for Test Conditions
MX2 series is capable of setting traveling speed, pausing timer, repeat counter in digital
by turning and pressing the dial and the button.
The traveling distance is adjustable by positioning the limit knobs.

Available Options*
-S option
Equips a length scale.
(When force-displacement measurement is necessary, see FA option.

-L option
Equips 200mm or 300mm longer stroke than the standard model (Depends on the model).

-V option
Changes the upper or lower speed.

-CN option
Equips an I/O connecter. It is ideal for input and output signals to/from an external device.
(See pdf: Application Examples)

-FA option
Equips a linear scale on the test stand. Using with a digital force gauge ZTA series, force-displacement measurement is possible.

(*All options including FA option mentioned are factory fitted.)

Force controlled non-destructive tests are also easy to setup and program. Connect an  ZTS or ZTA Series Force Gauge to the MX2 Test Stand to enable two force controlled modes and Conditional Overload Prevention.

Maintain Force Between High/Low Setpoints
Initial cross head speed is controlled by the start speed setting. Force control activates when applied force exceeds the low setpoint (and below the high setpoint) on the ZT series force gauge. The cross head maintains force between the low and high setpoint for the specified hold time,and then returns to the start position.

Increase Force to High Setpoint and Stop
Initial cross head speed is controlled by the start speed setting. When the applied force reaches the low set point of the ZT series force gauge, the test stand engages the measuring speed setting. The gauge stops when the applied force reaches the high set point on the ZT series force gauge. Ideal for non-destructive or creep testing. The cycle is repeated until the counter limit is reached.

Available in 3 capacities:

  • MX2-110 - 50 Kg / 500 N
  • MX2-275 - 125 Kg / 1250 N
  • MX2-550 - 250 Kg / 2500 N


Each capacity is also available in 3 speed configurations:

  • 10-305 mm/min: Standard speed
  • 20-600 mm/min: Fast speed (Optional)
  •  3 - 90 mm/min: Slow speed (Optional)

  • Easy-to-use program dial and menu screens control mode, speed, timer and cycles
  • Possible to set up pausing time every 0.1 sec, up to 99 min and 59 .9 sec
  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Force Controlled operation with ZT Series force gauges
  • Conditional Overload Prevention
  • Ultra rigid, 0,5 mm deflection at maximum load
  • Manual, Increment, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle and Force Control (with ZT Series gauges) selectable
  • Count or set up the number of tests: Max 65535 times

360 degree photo

CapacityMX2-110: 50 Kg / 500 N
MX2-275: 125 Kg / 1250 N
MX2-550: 250 Kg / 2500 N
StrokeMX2-110: 230 mm
MX2-275: 290 mm
MX2-550: 290 mm
Travel rateStandard speed: 10-305 mm/min 
Fast speed: 20-600 mm/min(Optional)
Slow speed:  3 - 90 mm/min(Optional)
Compatible GaugesZT-serie Force Gauges
Operating temperature0 to 40 °C
Operating humidity35-70%, avoid condensation
WeightMX2-110: 19 Kg
MX2-275: 26 Kg
MX2-550: 26 Kg
Warranty2 years


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Complete Kit

Comes with:

  • MX2-Teststand (without force gauge)
  • Power cable
  • Grip mounting adaptor
  • High capacity gauge mounting plate (only for MX2-1000N)
  • Small gauge mounting plate (only for MX2-2500N)
  • Cover
  • Manual

Buy Now

MX2-500N Motorized, *stroke 235 mm, manual and automtic operation, max. capacity 500 N
€ 2.709,00 
MX2-500N-S Motorized Vertical Test Stand - High performance
€ 3.391,00 

CB-518 - Force Control Cable, ZTA or ZTS to MX2
€ 199,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability: Available: 1 - 3 days, Delivery time: 1 - 3 weeks, special order request

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