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TI-25DLX Ultrasonic wall thickness gauge with data logging and USB interface

Made in the USAThis high-end wall thickness gauge with data logging and USB output provides the user with the same benefits as the TI-25MX  and is perfectly designed for the one-sided measurement of wall thickness and corrosion on all metals, ceramics, glass and most inelastic plastics.The total measurement range is from 0.63 mm to 914.4 mm, depending on the type of material and probe.

The TI-25DLX has a further upgrade with an amazing built-in data memory for 10,000 readings with 250 measurements per stack, with up to 40 separate batches as well as a USB data interface. This gauge even offers the possibility to transfer the measurement data in .csv format to any software program and view it in the free Datacomm data software.

Another important feature of the TI-25DLX is the modus single or full surface scans. In the latter modus you can pass the probe over a wide surface to acquire the minimum determined wall thickness of the entire surface to be measured.

In addition, an integrated calibration function helps to find the right speed of sound when it’s not known beforehand, as TI-25DLX can automatically calculate the speed of sound based on a sample of known material thickness. 8 preset standard materials canbe pre-selected and the user can also set two custom sound velocities in addition to an individual customization of the speed of sound. The default materials list includes: steel 4340, stainless steel 303, sluminum 2024, cast iron, crylic glass, PVC, polystyrene and polyurethane. To ensure highest accuracy, a 2-point calibration offers the user an improvement of linearity between the maximum and minimum values.

The  TI-25DLX wall thickness gauge comes in a sturdy aluminium housing wih a waterproof probe and a IP65 seal to protect against environmental factors and  breakage. The user has also the possibility to lock the gauge's settings and calibrations against accidental changes by simply using the function of pre-settings lock.The whole is rounded up with a 5 year warranty on the gauge.

  • Measuring range:
    0.63 - 150 mm (with standard probe on steel) - 0.63 - 914 mm (depending on probe and material)
  • Built-in data memory for 10,000 readings storable in 40 stacks with 250 values per stack
  • USB data interface
  • Resolution: 0.01 mm
  • Choice of 8 pre-set materials and 2 custom sound velocities
  • 2-point calibration on samples of known thickness for highest accuracy and linearity
  • Surface scan with 100 measurements per second
  • Selectable measuring units mm or inch
  • Zeroing of the probe automatical or with zeroing plate
  • Status bar provides information about the stability of the measurement
  • Including NIST traceable calibration certificate

Typical Applications
Typical Applications

Additional functions

Probe diameter:
Specify the probe diameter for increased linearity.

High-speed surface scan:
Returns the lowest value detected during a 100 Hz scan.

Differential mode:
Returns the ± difference from an entered nominal value.

Alarm Mode:
Adjustable maximum and minimum limits. Exceeding the limit warns a visual and audible alarm.

2-point calibration:
Automatically determines the correct speed of sound from a calibration on 2 samples of known thickness.

Measuring Limits
Minimum Radius for Convex Surfaces Minimum Radius for Convex Surfaces 8.89 mm
Minimum Radius for Concave Surfaces 76.2 mm
Minimum Radius for Concave Surfaces Minimum Headroom 25.0 mm
Minimum Sample Diameter Minimum Sample Diameter 3.8 mm
Minimum Substrate Thickness - F Minimum Substrate Thickness - F na
Minimum Substrate Thickness - NFe na

Complete Kit

The TI-25DLX is delivered in a complete kit including the following elements:

  •      TI-25DLX wall thickness gauge
  •      Ultrasonic Probe T-102-3300 1/4 ", 5 MHz Dual Element
  •      USB data cable
  •      Datacomm software available for free download
  •      120ml coupling fluid
  •      NIST traceable calibration certificate
  •      2 AA batteries
  •      operation manual


A-302-6002 A-302-6002 protective cover for TI series

More details

A-302-6002 A-302-6002 protective cover for TI series 127313

Category Wall Thickness Probes

More details

Category  Wall Thickness Probes 810

CF-AN Coupling Fluid

  • Used to create an ultrasonic coupling between the probe and material to be measured
  • Available in different quantities - 125ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1ltr / 5ltr / 25ltr

More details

CF-AN Coupling Fluid 126455

Measuring range with standard probe: 0.63 - 150 mm (with standard probe T-102-3300 on steel)
Measuring range: 0.63 - 914 mm (depending on type of probe and material)
Resolution: 0,01 mm
Measuring mode: Pulse-Echo (P-E)
Sound velocity: Adjustable from 305 - 18,542 m / s
Display: -Large LCD display with 4.5 digits per 1.3 cm high
-justable backlight
-By subdividing into individual segments clear playback of advanced information
Display refresh rate: 10 Hz
Pulse rate: 200 Hz (200 pulse/sec)
Gain: 40-52 dB range in 3dB steps
Probe (standard): T-102-3300 1/4 ", 5 MHz Dual-Element Probe
Contact Surface 5/8" (17mm) Made of PEEK (Polyethylethylcytone)
Probe (optional): 1 - 10 MHz, 3/16" until1 inch
Probe cable: 1.2m long waterproof cable with unpolarized connections
Measurement units: Selectable mm and inches
Power supply: 2x AA batteries (rechargeable batteries can be used)
Battery duration: 45 hours with continuous use
Temperature limits: Environment: -30 - 75 ° C
Material: -20 - 100 ° C
Probes for higher temperatures available
IP protection category: IP65
Housing: Extruded aluminum body with nickel coated end caps (sealed)
Dimensions: 63,5 x 31,5 x 131,3mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 308 Gramm
Certifications: NIST traceable and MIL-STD-45662A
CE Certified
Warranty: Device: 5 years
Probe: 90 days
Data output: USB-C (Plug'n'play, data can be viewed and moved directly to PC)
Internal data memory: Internal data memory:
Memory type: Sequential arrangement (single column)

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Product name
TI-25DLX Wall Thickness Gauge With Data Logging
£ 1.324,00 
TI-25DLX-WOP Wall Thickness Gauge With Data Logging Without Probe
£ 1.107,00 

Product name
A-302-6002 - Protective Rubber Boot For TI-Series Small
£ 74,00 
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