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MiniTest FH Precision Wall Thickness Tester

Made in GermanyIntroducing the New MiniTest FH: A Compact Solution for Precision Measurements

The MiniTest FH sets a new standard for compact gauges, offering versatility in a variety of measuring tasks. This portable device is designed for measurements up to 24 mm wall thickness, making it an ideal tool for both production environments and quality laboratories. With its ergonomic housing shape and user-friendly interface, the MiniTest FH ensures ease of use and accurate results.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Range of Applications: The MiniTest FH provides quick and precise measurements across a broad spectrum of wall thicknesses, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications.
  2. SIDSP® Method: All connectable sensors utilize the sensor-integrated digital signal processing (SIDSP®) method, ensuring the transmission of digitally processed measured values for maximum accuracy.
  3. AI-Based Quick Calibration: The innovative AI-based quick calibration allows for a zero calibration in less than ten seconds, enhancing accuracy by 50% with a single button touch.
  4. Versatile Connectivity: MiniTest FH offers multiple interfaces (USB, RS-232C, Bluetooth) for data transfer to a PC or CAQ system. Direct transfer of values to an Excel spreadsheet is possible via USB keyboard emulation.
  5. Diverse Sensor Options: A selection of sensors with various measuring ranges, reference steel balls, and target wires cater to a wide range of measurement tasks and applications.
  6. Non-Destructive Testing: This intuitive gauge achieves precise results on all non-magnetic materials, accommodating different sizes and shapes. It excels in measuring sharp edges, narrow diameters, and complex geometries.
  7. 4.3" Color Screen: The measurement results are visually presented on a 4.3" color screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, providing clear and detailed information.
  8. Application Areas: MiniTest FH finds its application in the packaging industry for plastic containers, bottles, and glass packaging. It is also invaluable in determining wall thickness for automotive, sanitary, and construction materials.
  9. Cost and Material Savings: In quality control, MiniTest FH can lead to substantial material savings by adjusting wall thickness to target specifications, avoiding rejects and potential complaints.
  10. IP65 splashwater proof: The MiniTest FH meets the IP65 industrial standard, making it suitable for operation in demanding environments. Its housing is designed to be splashproof, providing protection in challenging conditions.

The MiniTest FH is a compact, powerful solution for achieving precision in measurements across various industries.

Contact us for more information, let us assist your with choosing the right sensor for your specific measurement requirements.

  • High precision wall thickness measurement of non-ferrous materials up to 24mm thickness
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability through sensor-integrated digital signal processing (SIDSP®)
  • 2 million readings storable in more than 200 batches
  • Suitable for all types of packaging such as bottles and containers made of glass and plastic
  • As well as for composite materials, aluminium and titanium parts with complex geometries in aerospace and automotive production
  • Up to 20 readings per second
  • Wear-resistant sensors with hardened sensor tips
  • Direct data import into evaluation software
  • Bluetooth, USB and RS 232 C interfaces
  • AI-based quick calibration function
  • IP 65, splash-water resistant

MiniTest FH Measuring Principle
Simple controller interface

MiniTest FH uses a Hall element to capture variations in the electromagnetic field and converts them into at thickness value.

  • Thickness is determined by measuring the distance of a reference ball or other reference object to the sensor tip.
  • A powerful magnet attracts the reference ball to the sensor and holds the ball in exact place on the sensor tip.
  • The magnetic field varies according to the distance between target ball and sensor tip.
  • The variations of the magnetic field increase with the distance between target ball and sensor tip getting smaller. The variation can be taken as a reference for the material thickness of the sample to be measured.


MiniTest sensor information
SensorStandard ball/wire size, mmNumber of balls/wiresMagnetic ball sizes, mmNumber of ballsMeasuring range in mm

MiniTest FH Sensor Options
Measuring stand

Spring loaded measuring stand
All sensors, excluding the 90° version, come with a spring-loaded measuring stand included in the package. This stand serves the purpose of securing the sensor in an upright position, facilitating the precise measurement of objects by guiding them comfortably over the sensor tip.

Special FH4 features 1mm ball or Wire reference


In addition to its standard applications, the FH4 sensor is available in specialized versions tailored for specific measuring tasks. Particularly in the medical sector, where measuring small parts with narrow passages is common, the FH4-1 sensor type is ideal. This variant is designed for tasks like measuring the wall thickness of tubes, artificial organs, stents, infusion sets, etc., using a target ball with a diameter as small as 1 mm.


Certain applications pose challenges that preclude the use of measuring balls, often due to the risk of irretrievability within the object being measured. In such cases, the FH sensor offers a unique solution in the form of the FH4-Wire sensor. This variant employs a measuring wire instead of a ball, making it indispensable for testing turbine blades, where the wall thickness can be accurately determined against a wire inserted into the cooling holes.

Small tip FH2 sensor

FH2 Sensors
The small tip FH2 sensor is used for measuring in small spaces and areas that are difficult to access.

Like the bottom cavities of pet bottles and small components with a difficult to access geometry. 

Replaceable caps Repleceable tip caps for heavy wear applications
For situations where ther is a lot of wear to be expected on a measuring tip, a sensor with a replaceable wear tip is available
90 degree sensors 90° sensors for hard to reach area's
The FH2 and FH4 sensors are also available in a 90° angle version for acces where standard sensors are not able to measure. Angled sensors are technically similar as their straight versions.


Complete Kit
  • MiniTest FH Basic Unit
  • Solid plastic case for transport and storage
  • Sensor at choice including:
    • Target balls or wires
    • Zero and calibration caps
    • A spring-loaded measuring stand, all sensors except 90° version.
    • a special protective cap and a shielding tube for transport.
  • USB connection and charging cable

FH4 sensor
Dimensions-FH4 sensor

All dimensions are in mm

FH2 sensor
Dimensions-FH2 sensor

All dimensions are in mm

FH10 sensor
Dimensions-FH10 sensor

All dimensions are in mm

FH2 and FH4 90° sensor
Dimensions-FH2 and FH4 90° sensor

All dimensions are in mm


Measuring principleMagnetostatic
RepeatabilityBetter than ± (1 μm + 0.5 % of reading)
Initial resolution0.1 μm (FH2)
Calibration modesFactory calibration, zero calibration, zero + 4 calibration points
Measuring unitsMetric (μm, mm), imperial (mils, inch)
Statistical evaluationNumerical, trend and histogram
Data logging rate1, 2, 5, 10, 20 readings per second (selectable)
Data memory2,000,000 readings storable in more than 200 batches
InterfacesUSB, Bluetooth, RS 232 C
Ambient temperature-10°C … + 60°C (Storage temperature -20°C … + 80°C)
Supply8 x NiMH AA batteries – charging via USB
Dimensions19.5 x 12 x 5 cm
Weight775 g

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