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BDS Mechanical Dial Torque Wrench for medium range torques

The BDS torque wrench belongs to our analog torque wrench series. It allows for efficient measurement of torques in the medium measuring ranges 1.3 - 216 N.m (12 lbf.in to 160 lfb.ft).

This lightweight and robust device is a perfect analog measurement tool, offering the following features:

  •      Easy to use and easy to calibrate
  •      A built-in overload protection prevents over-torque and damage to parts or to the wrench
  •      The sturdy transport and storage protection prevents damage to the device
  •      The ratchet mechanism of the device allows for both, clockwise and anti-clockwise measurements


An audiovisual warning system can be ordered with the BDS, which sets off an alarm when a set torque value has been attained
The BDS torque wrench is ISO 6789: 2003 certified

  • Torque ranges reach from 1.3 – 216 N.m (12 lbf.in to 160 lfb.ft).
  • Recessed dial minimizes dial breakage.
  • Mechanical stop provides overload protection to 125% of full scale.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle with non-slip grip for improved balance. Scuff-resistant non-slip finish.
  • Single-end spindles available upon request.
  • Standard double-ended spindle ratchet mechanism allows for left handed torque applications.
  • Quality constructed for accuracy and reliability with an attractive abrasive resistant finish for longer life and ease in identification.
  • Fine main and memory pointers provide accurate readings.
  • Exclusive built-in ratchet mechanism.
  • Dual scale in American and S.I. units. Single scale models are available upon request.

Tension Ranges
Model Ranges ResolutionDriveLight SignalLength / Weight
BDS80A 12 - 60 lbf.ft
16 – 80 N.m
1 lbf.ft
2 N.m
3/8"*43.48 cm / 1.35 kg
BDS80E 12 - 60 lbf.ft
16 – 80 N.m
1 lbf.ft
2 N.m
1/2"*43.48 cm / 1.36 kg
BDS160 24 – 120 lbf.ft
32 – 160 N.m
2 lbf.ft
2.5 N.m
1/2"*51.49 cm / 1.41 kg
BDS200 30 – 160 fbf.ft
40 – 200 N.m
5 lbf.ft
5 N.m
1/2"*51.49 cm / 1.41 kg
Special Option:

All BDS models can be supplied with an option S which is an audible and optical alarm that can be set to the required torque value.
The Light Signal Wrenches use standard size batteries
The BDS models are supplied with a protective plastic case.

Buy Now

Product name
BDS80A dial wrench (3/8"Sq Dr)
£ 414,00 
BDS80E dial wrench (1/2"Sq Dr)
£ 414,00 
BDS160 dial wrench (1/2"Sq Dr)
£ 414,00 
BDS200 dial wrench (1/2"Sq Dr)
£ 414,00 

Product name
BDS Option S - Audio & Visual Signal Option
£ 82,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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