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MTM Multi-Range Torque Tester

Made in the USAThe MTM Series of torque transducers are designed to provide an economical way to measure and calibrate multiple torque tools. The MTMDP models (MTMDP-2S pictured) have an integrated display for a fully integrated tester.

Historically, transducers had to be purchased individually and then connected to a display via a switch box or a group of cables. With the MTM series, this has become much easier: up to 4 transducers can be integrated in one compact housing.

There is a small footprint that allows clean, well-organized work space. This helps eliminate the endless searching for cables, adapters, and other accessories that may be needed.

Features such as independent CW and CCW calibration, multi-point linearization, metrology grade transducer shafts, and overload protection to 200% of full scale are standard. All of the above translate to a better product for you at an unbeatable price.

* MTMDP-2 coupled with an MTM-4.

  • Available with 2, 3 or 4 torque transducers
  • Selectable units of: Ft-lb, IN-lb, IN-oz, KGF-m, KGF-cm, GF-cm, CN-m, N-m
  • Small footprint of the MTM allows for a clean, well-organized work space
  • 200% Overload protection
  • LED Indicator Shows Active Transducer
  • External transducers can be connected with cable input
  • Includes NIST Traceable calibration certificate with data for each transducer
  • Replaceable shaft design. If one shaft is damaged, replace that shaft, not the entire unit.
  • Hi-Lo Limits for Go-NoGo testing of tools

Torque ranges
Lb-in Lb-ft N-m N-cm Kgf-m Kgf-cm Gf-cm

Model Range Drive
ITIO-10* 0.007 - 0.07 N-m 1/4" Included
ITIO-50 0.04 -0.35 N-m 1/4" Included
ITIO-100 0.07 - 0.70 N-m 1/4" Included
ITI-10 0.11 - 1.1 N-m 1/4" Included
ITI-25 0.28 - 2.8 N-m 1/4" Included
ITI-50 0.56 - 5.6 N-m 1/4" Included
ITI-100 1.12 - 11.2 N-m 1/4" Included
ITI-250 2.8 - 28 N-m 3/8" Included
ITI-500 5.6 - 56 N-m 3/8" Included
ITI-1000 11.2 - 112 N-m 3/8" Included
ITF-100 13.56 - 135.6 N-m 1/2" Optional
ITF-150 20 - 200 N-m 1/2" Optional
ITF-250 33- 330 N-m 1/2" Optional
ITF-600 81 - 810 N-m 3/4" Optional
ITF-750 101 - 1016 N-m 3/4 Optional
ITF-1000** 135 - 1350 N-m 1" Optional
ITF-2000** 271- 2710 N-m 1" Optional
ITF-3000** 406 - 4060 N-m 1 1/2" Optional
ITF-5000** 677- 6770 N-m 1 1/2" Optional

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TT-3000 TT-3000 Torque Tester

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Calibrated Range 10-100% Full Scale, bi-directional (Standard)
Extended Range 5-100% Full Scale, bi-directional (ER Option)
Accuracy ±0.5% of indicated (within calibrated range)
Resolution 4 Active Digits
Overload Protection 200% Full Scale bi-directional
Operating Modes Track, Peak, 1st Peak
Filtering Selectable; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz
Memory data storage of up to 999 readings
Data Output RS-232
Display 62 x 62mm backlit LCD
Alarm Limits Panel Mounted LED for Visual Alarm Limits
Power NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 8-10 hours continuous use
Weight 6-12 lbs, depends on number of transducers and configuration
Operating Temp 0-50 °C (32 - 120 °F)
Warranty 1 Year
Calibration Certificate Includes NIST Traceable calibration certificate with data for each transducer
Standard Accesories Joint Simulator for 1/4" & 3/8" drives, AC adapter/Charger
Optional Accessories Joint Simulators for 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Transducers, Extended Ranger "ER" Option

MTM Model Selection Guide

S Models Any transducer 1/4" or 3/8" Drive (up to 1000 lb-in / 112 Nm Capacity)

L Models Any transducer 1/2" Drive or larger (100 lb-ft / 135 Nm Capacity)

Buy Now

Product name
MTMDP-2S - Torque Tester with any 2 Transducers up to 1000 lb-in / 112 Nm
£ 2.719,00 
MTMDP-2L - Torque Tester with any 2 Transducers up to ITF-750 / 1015 Nm
£ 3.123,00 
MTMDP-3S - Torque Tester with any 3 Transducers up to 1000 lb-in / 112 Nm
£ 3.526,00 
MTMDP-3L - Torque Tester with any 3 Transducers up to ITF-750 / 1015 Nm
£ 3.728,00 
MTMDP-4S - Torque Tester with any 4 Transducers up to 1000 lb-in / 112 Nm
£ 3.728,00 
MTMDP-4L - Torque Tester with any 4 Transducers up to ITF-750 / 1015 Nm
£ 3.929,00 

Product name
ER - Extended Range Option, Increased Certified Range of 5-100% (instead of 10-100%) PER TRANSDUCER
£ 107,00 
TT-Soft - Data Transfer Software for TT Series, Including RS232 Output Cable
£ 201,00 
Cal-MTM - Recalibration per Transducer
£ 136,00 
TT-QCM-World - Replacement AC-Adapter/Charger for MTM
£ 46,00 
TTS-SC - Advanced Software for TT-Series with cable
£ 334,00 
UPG-25 - Upgrade accuracy from ± 0.5% to ± 0.25% - PER TRANSDUCER
£ 106,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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