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DIN EN ISO 9073-2 & EDANA 30.5-99 Thickness Gauge

Made in GermanyThe Checkline D-2VD Manual Precision Material Thickness Gauge is a precise, easy-to-use and professional thickness gauge for measuring the thickness of voluminous nonwovens and comparable products made of paper and plastics according to DIN EN ISO 9073-2 Pkt. 5.2 and EDANA 30.5-99 Pkt. 4.2.
with a maximum thickness of 20mm (specified in the standard).

The Checkline D-2VD  is a gauge with a horizontal plunger guide. This movement into the measurement zone does not generate any pulsed pressure forces above the specified measurement pressure.
The starting static friction that occurs when the measuring point is reached is extremely small at < 15 µNm and does not affect the measuring result.

The measurement is always carried out with the pressure stamp and reference plate being parallel.

The Checkline D-2VD consists of a digital micrometer with an integrated pressure stamp and a reference plate with precision bearings, coupled to a measuring device that generates signals.

  • The first signal (orange LED) is a proximity sensor, this signal is approx. 0.08 mm (approx. 1/8 turn of the spindle) away from the measuring point. 
  • The second signal (green LED) is the measuring point. The measuring point has a width of 0.04 mm. The measuring pressure at the measuring point is exactly 0.020 kPa.
  • The third signal (red LED) signals that the measuring point has been exceeded.

Measurement method:
Each time the micrometer is switched on, the zero point must be set.

Then the "+/-" button must be set so that the value of the micrometer increases positively when it is subsequently opened. The sample is suspended between the plunger and the reference plate using the needle provided. The sample is measured by slowly turning the micrometer towards the reference plate. The measuring point is reached when the green LED lights up. After the standard waiting time has elapsed, the measured value can be accepted. If the measuring point is exceeded, the measurement must be repeated by opening the sample window again and repeating the approach.

It should be noted that the measurement is always taken from the right side, i.e. always from the open sample window against the reference plate.

The measuring device can be connected to a PC via the optional USB / RS232 interface.

  • Manual Precision Material Thickness Gauge for voluminous nonwovens and comparable products made of paper and plastics.
  • Resolution: 0,001 mm
  • according to DIN EN ISO 9073-2 Pkt. 5.2 ^& EDANA 30.5-99 Pkt. 4.2.

Sample size:130mm x 80mm +-5mm
Pressure stamp: 2500 mm²
Reference plate: 1000 mm²
Measurement range:40 mm
Resolution0,001 mm
Measuring pressure: 0,020 kPa
Repeatability: max. 0,04 mm
Measuring point width:0,04 mm
Interface:USB / RS232 (required cable not included)
Display power supply: Battery 2x SR44 or with USB/RS232 cable via PC
Power supply: USB hub
Dimensions:370mm x 165mm x 215mm
Weight: approx: 15 kg
Warranty:1 year

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D-2VD - Manual Precision Material Thickness Gauge
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