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TE General Purpose Tension Sensor

Made in Germany10 Tension Ranges
0-50 g up to 0-50.0 Kg

Accurately measure the running line tensions of yarns, fibers, wires, and similar filaments. Compact size for easy installation.

Built-in signal conditioning with ZERO and SPAN pots provide a high-level, analog output to minimize the chance for signal interference.

NEW RS232 Serial Output (optional)

  • Precision strain gauge sensing for highest accuracy and repeatability
  • 0-1 V DC output, proportional to tension (0-10 V DC optional)
  • Roller shells are available in chrome-plated steel, hard-coated aluminum, plastic and ceramic
  • Frequency response of 100 Hz
  • Optional 10ft. connecting cable, TE-CABLE-CN is recommended. Longer lengths are available
  • RS232 Serial output (optional) allows you to connect your sensor to our SensorView software

Tension Ranges
Model Ranges     
TE-50 0-50.0 g     
TE-100 0-100.0 g     
TE-200 0-200 g     
TE-500 0-500 g     
TE-1K 0-1000 g     
TE-2K 0-2000 g     
TE-5K 0-5.00 Kg     
TE-10K 0-10.0 Kg     
TE-20K 0-20.0 Kg     
TE-50K 0-50.0 Kg     

Dimensions TE

Related Products

TD-1-TE Tension Indicator

  • User-set High & Low Alarm Limits with relays
  • TD-1 provides regulated +5 V DC for SR sensors
  • 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC analog output for recording and control purpose

More details

TD-1-TE Tension Indicator

Accuracy ± 1.5% FS or better
Sensor Excitation 12-18 VDC, 21mA
Middle Roller Deflection 0.5mm (maximum)
Sensor Output 0-1 V DC (standard)
0-10 V DC (optional)
proportional to tension
Frequency Response 100 Hz
Overload Rating 150% FS
Housing Material Aluminum
Operating Temp. 40 to 105° F (5-40° C)
Spacing of Outer Rollers 40, 100, 150, 200 & 20mm, see dimensions above
Roller shell Material Hardcoated Aluminum(Standard)
Hardened Steel (ST)
Chrome-plated Steel (CH)
Hard-coat Aluminum (AL)
Plastic (PL)
Ceramic (CE)
Maximum Linear Speed 1000 m/min (Standard)
3000 m/min (K)
5000 m/min (U)
Output (Optional) Analog: 0 –2 V AC, linearized, app. 500 Hz
Digital: RS 232 (9600,8,N,1)


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