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DXB Tension meter with Cylindrical rollers pointing toward the operator

Made in GermanyTension meter for measuring all kinds of tapes and bands, such as textile ribbons, films, foils, fiber bunches, etc.

When selecting the instrument for your specific application, please keep in mind that:
1. Rollers of different widths are not interchangeable by the user.
2. The roller width should correspond with the width of the material to be measured. Otherwise incorrect measuring results may occur and the instrument may be damaged.

SCHMIDT has the solution to any tension measuring problem! Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.

To assist you in selecting the right tension meter for your specific application, please furnish:

  • Kind and dimensions of the material to be measured
  • Expected tension range
  • Material sample of about 5 m

Note: This model does not include a material thickness compensator and filament guide.

  • Dual-flanged outer guide rollers with various widths, from 7 mm to 50 mm (single-flanged rollers optional)
  • Built-in mounting holes permit fixed installation for continuous tension measurement
  • Ball-bearing mounted, tape rollers
  • 41mm Ø scale
  • Each instrument is individually calibrated for highest accuracy
  • Special finger support located on the rear side reduces the effort to move the outer roller assembly
  • Everything in operator's view:
    - the guide rollers
    - the measured material
    - the readings
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according DIN EN 10204 is included
  • Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204 with calibration report

Tension Ranges
ModelRanges Measuring Head Width** mmRoller Widths mm  
DXB-50 10-50 cN 557  
DXB-120 20-120 cN 557,10,15,20,30  
DXB-200 20-200 cN 557,10,15,20,30  
DXB-400 20-400 cN 557,10,15,20,30  
DXB-1000 100-1000 cN 557,10,15,20,30,36,41,50  
DXB-2000 200-2000 cN 1177,10,15,20,30,36,41,50  
DXB-5000 400-5000 cN 1177,10,15,20,30,36,41,50  
DXB-10K 2.5-10 daN 1177,10,15,20,30,36,41  
DXB-20K-L 5-20 daN 1677,10,15,20,30  
Other tension ranges, measuring head widths and material path calibrations available on request. Other units of measure available, such as g or kg.
* SCHMIDT calibration material textile ribbon or film, depending on tension range and roller width
** Outer distance between outside guide rollers

Special calibration using customer supplied samples is recommended, if process material differs significantly from the SCHMIDT calibration material in diameter, rigidity or shape. For this purpose a material sample of about 5 m should be supplied.

Code Roller material Line Speed  
Code: Standard Hardcoated aluminium
(Exception: 7 mm rollers are made of nickel-plated steel)
1000 roller

Code A: Air DampingCode L: Special LeverCode M: Memory Pointer

This adjustable mechanical air dashpot is recommended for applications in which great fluctuations of the measured tension occur, as in spooling and winding machines.
This assures steady tension readings on the scale.

Facilitates acquisition of the running material when measuring high tensions.
Reduces force necessary to extend outer rollers: Recommended for tension ranges of 10 daN and higher.

Retains the highest measured value (PEAK).
Available for mechanical tension meters.

Air DampingSpecial LeverMemory Pointer

Complete Kit
Delivery includes:
Tension meter with carrying case, operating instructions in English or German as requested

Calibration:According to SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy:±1% full scale or ±1 graduation on scale
Scale diameter:41 mm
Temperature range:10-45ºC
Air humidity:85% RH, max.
Housing material:Die-cast aluminum
Housing dimensions:188 x 85 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Weight, net (gross):approx. 520 g (1300 g)

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