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BlueForce Impact Force Gauge

BlueForce Smart - Impact force gauge with USB/Bluetooth and software for CE certification of power-operated gates and doors .

BlueForce Smart is a high quality impact force gauge for automatic/power operated doors and gates that complies with standards EN12453 (former EN12445), EN16005, EN60335-2-95, DHF UK Norms.

BlueForce is one of a kind, with its dual Bluetooth and USB interface.

Thanks to the PC-LINK mode, BlueForce can be linked up to a handheld computer or a PC during testing, allowing immediate viewing of the graph and values. It simultaneously enables immediate access to test results.

The comfortable handle, in an accessible and ergonomic position, ensures a steady grip and matchless manoeuvrability. The handle is easy to remove by using the supplied key and can be rotated by 180° (i.e. turned upside down).

  • Memory capacity increased by 60%: enables storage of an impressive 80 tests on the instrument
  • Options include: sending, deleting and browsing saved tests (through an interactive menu)
  • BlueForce Smart is a dual purpose gauge, as it incorporates both a display and internal storage allowing up to 80 measurements to be saved
  • Optionally available on payment - compatible with smartphones equipped with active NFC and Internet connection.
  • New blue led alphanumerical display: The indestructible display with 7 segments is even brighter and more legible thanks to the blue colouring
  • New built-in internal clock: for simpler and quicker identification of the tests performed, thanks to automatic memorisation of the date and time of measurement.
  • Optionally available on payment - compatible with smartphones equipped with active Bluetooth 4.0 version or later and Internet connection. Requires installation of the free App, currently available for iOs.
  • New generously sized and sturdy carry-case
  • Direct display of numerical test parameters: dynamic force, dynamic time, average static force, final force.
  • USB port: enables connection of the instrument to a PC with Windows OS to download and manage tests performed with the supplied software
  • Optionally available on payment: Bluetooth v. 4.1 technology enables interfacing of the BlueForce with a PC

Complete Kit

The complete BlueForce kit is supplied: 

  • BlueForce Smart Instrument
  • Bluetooth/NFC Smart functions + App
  • Carry-case with pre-formed interior
  • USB cable for PC
  • Hex wrench for handle disassembly
  • Instructions / Software / Certificate of Calibration downloadable from download section

360 degree

Accuracy 0 - 400 N: 1%
401-1000 N: 2%
1001 - 2000 N: 4%
Force measurement resolution 1 N
Force measurement range 0 - 2000 N (mechanical stop at approx. 2100 N)
Current Absorbed min. 4 mA, average 12 mA, max. 80 mA
Measuring Interval 6 sec. sampling 1 Ksmp/s
Memory capacity 80 tests
Maximum force measurement error margin: range from +/-1% F.S; from 400 to 1000N: +/-2% F.S; from 1000 to 2000N: +/-4% F.S;
Dynamic time measurement resolution 0.01 s
BLE interface Bluetooth version 4.1 (enabled as an option via password)
NFC interface standard ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC Forum Type 4 (enabled as an option via password)
Interface USB 2.0
BLUETOOTH® Ver. 4.1 (enabled via password)
NFC per ISO/IEC 14443 & NFC Forum Type 4
Power supply 9V battery (alkaline)
Testing Standards Complies with EN12445, EN12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95
Weight 1.6 kg ± 10%
Dimensions (L x W x H) 280 mm X 80 mm X 50 mm ± 5%
Warranty 2 years

Product video

Optional Accessories
Linear Extension
Angular Extension

During the use, the instrument has to be supported in a way to not alter the results of measurements.

The optional accessories, thanks to the fast-joint mechanism, allow the user to carry out measurements by using only one hand. With the other hand, the user is able to drive the opening/closing device.

There are two versions available: the Linear Extension, for measures at 30 or 50 cm and the Angular Extension, for measures from 1.25 m to 2.5 m. This also requires use of the Straight Extension.


Product name
BlueForce Smart Basic Kit - Impact Force Gauge EN 12453
£ 1.394,00 
Blueforce Smart Plus Kit - Impact Force Gauge + Straight Extension (50V003)
£ 1.540,00 

Product name
Blueforce 50V003 - Linear Extension
£ 165,00 
BlueForce 50V004 - Angular Extension for Blueforce
£ 182,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request