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Imada Grips

CP-150N Small Pin Grips

  • Small Pin Grip
  • For gripping small diameter wires, pins, filaments etc.
Price € 93,00
More information

FC Thin Film Grip

  • Thin Film Grip
  • Use these spring loades film grips to check tensile strength of thin film samples up to 2 mm thickness.
Price € 112,00
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SC Small Chucks

  • Small Chuck
  • Test wire, components, other pull tests.
Price € 112,00
More information

FP Fine Point Grip

  • Fine Point Grip
  • Grip for small wire, components in narrow spaces.
Price from € 112,00
More information

GC5 - GC15 For gripping shafts and rods

GC5 - GC15
  • For gripping shafts and rods.
Price from € 112,00
More information

GC-1001 Heavy-duty flat chuck

  • Flat chuck
  • Square serrated face, heavy-duty flat chuck.
Price from € 112,00
More information

GR-30 - GR-2000 Cam Grip

GR-30 - GR-2000
  • Cam Grip
  • Cam structure allows to easily grip materials as rubber, films etc. up to 2mm thickness.
Price from € 223,00
More information

PF-1-PF-2 Peeling Attachments

  • Peeling Attachment
  • To measure the peeling force of laminated materials or electronic components on circuit boards etc.
Price € 155,00
More information

WG-100 Vise Grip

  • Vise Grip
  • Screw tightened vise is ideal for slip-free attachment to base of test stand.
Price € 285,00
More information

WG-3 Wire Terminal Grip

  • Wire Terminal Grip
  • Multi terminal grip has 12 wire gauge apertures
Price € 273,00
More information

WG-1-WG-2 Wire Terminal Grips

  • Wire Terminal Grips
Price € 353,00
More information

WC-30-WC-2000 Wire Wrapping Grips

  • Wire Wrapping Grips
Price from € 637,00
More information

WG-300 Wire Cam Grip

  • Wire Cam Grips
Price € 740,00
More information

G Series Thread Adapters & Couplings

G Series
  • Thread Adapters & Couplings
  • Adapters, Male - Female, Male - Male, different threads available
  • Capacity: 500 N / 1000 N / 2500 N / 5000 N
Price from € 14,00
More information

GP-15 General Purpose Grip

  • General Purpose Grip
  • For film, paper, labels, packaging, and other thin materials for tensile and peel testing
  • Max Sample Thickness: 4mm / 0.16"

KC Heavy-duty Wedge Grips

  • Wedge Grip
  • For tensile measurements of thick materials
Price from € 304,00
More information

BP-6 Button Puller

  • Button Puller
  • Capacity 30lbs
Price € 957,00
More information

PG-2PG-4 Penetrating Pin

  • Penetrating Pin
Price from € 29,00
More information

FG-GRM6FLM12 Film Grip

  • Film Style Grip
  • Capacity 50 Kg

DF-60 Hook for Corrugated Cardboard Seal Strength

  • Hook for Corrugated Cardboard Seal Strength
  • Capacity 50lbs (250 N, 25 kgf)
Price € 129,00
More information

MOH-1 Optional Handle

  • For mechanical gauges as PS and FB
  • Optonal handle to ensure safe and consistent measuring conditions
Price € 93,00
More information
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