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TMG universal thickness gauge for ASTM, DIN, EN & ISO standards

Made in GermanyThe TMG Thickness Gauge is a perfect choice, whether you only need to comply with one or more measurements.


The new TMG series of thickness gauges impresses with a simple construction, a very user-friendly operation and above all its high accuracy in the measurement of material thicknesses.


Very easy to operate, the measuring probe has to be simply lifted above the wire lift trigger and then lowered to the material to be measured with the specific measuring pressure of the respective measuring standard.


Its modular system makes it possible to adapt the three basic types TMG-1, TMG-2 and TMG-3 to the most common test standards. Thus a large number of ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO standards can be combined and avoid having to purchase several measuring devices. Detailed information on the possible combinations can be found in the table below.


We offer ready-made solutions for the most common materials such as elastomers, textiles, leather, nonwovens, films, films, rubber, fabrics, geomaterials, paper, paper towels and cardboard. Detailed information on all available models can also be found in the table below. Also customized special solutions are possible, please contact us for an individual offer.


The TMG thickness gauge is manufactured with only the highest quality of raw materials. For example, the massive laboratory grade granite table, stainless steel column and boom on the TMG-1 and TMG-2 stainless steel models of the TMG-3 are made of highest quality aluminum.


The use of high quality materials do not only guarantee longevity, but also high corrosion resistance even when used in rooms with high humidity. All of these features ensure a constant measuring pressure over a longer period of time, which result in consistent measuring results.


We offer ready-made configurations for the following standards:


    ISO-5084 for textiles

    ASTM D 1777 Option 2 for textiles

    ISO-23529 for rubber / elastomers   

    ASTM D3767 for rubber / elastomers   

    DIN EN ISO 12625-3 for waterproofing membranes   

    ASTM D 1777 Option 1 for fiber fabrics, knitwear, knitwear and structural textiles   

    ASTM D 1777 Option 5 for ceilings and pile fabrics   

    ISO 4593 + DIN 53370 for films and films   

    DIN EN ISO 2589 for leather   

    ASTM D 1777 Option 3 for Films and Glass Fibers   

    ASTM D 5199 for geosynthetics

    DIN EN 534 for paper and cardboard

    DIN EN ISO 3034 for corrugated board



For detailed information, please see the table below for the models available. If the appropriate standard is not available, please contact us for an individual solution.


There are two options to certify your meter: you can choose between a manufacturer calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration, which refers purely to the dial gauge. Of course, a combination of both options is also possible to meet the highest standard. Optional software for processing the measurement data is also available.


  • Very high accuracy and excellent workmanship
  • Granite measuring bench in laboratory quality
  • Modular building block system and individual customer solutions cover every need
  • 14 preconfigured versions
  • Manufacturer calibration certificate and DAkkS calibration optional
  • Standard versions preconfigured for the most common ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO
  • Data output for processing the measurement data with the optionally available software

Available configurations
Model Equipment base Norm ApplicationFeet Ø (mm)Weight (g) * / Measuring pressure (kPa)
TMG-1-T TMG-1 ISO-5084Textiles50,5204,0 / 1,0
TMG-1-T1 TMG-1 ASTM D 1777 Option 2Textiles9,5169,0 / 23,4
TMG-1-G TMG-1 ISO-23529 + ASTM D 3767Rubber / Elastomers with a hardness> 35 IRHD4,028,0 / 22,0
TMG-1-G1 TMG-1 ASTM D 3767Rubber / Elastomers with a hardness 16,0212,0 / 10,0
TMG-1-PT TMG-1 DIN EN ISO 12625-3Paper towels35,7204,0 / 2,0
TMG-1-AB TMG-1 Flexible sheets10,0160,0 / 20,0
TMG-1-FB TMG-1 ASTM D 1777 Option 1Fiber fabrics, knitwear, textured textiles28,7273,0 / 4,14
TMG-1-FB1 TMG-1 ASTM D 1777 Option 5Blankets and pile fabrics28,746,2 / 0,7
TMG-2-F TMG-2 ISO 4593 + DIN 53370Slides and filmsR40,00 - 50 / -
TMG-3-FI TMG-3 DIN EN ISO 2589Leather10,0393,0 / 49,1
TMG-3-GE TMG-3 ASTM D 1777 Option 3Films and glass fibers6,3546,0 / 172,0
TMG-3-P TMG-3 ASTM D 5199Geosynthetics56,4509,5 / 2,0
TMG-3-C TMG-3 DIN EN 534Paper and cardboard16,02050,0 / 100,0
TMG-3-C TMG-3 DIN EN ISO 3034Corrugated cardboard35,72041,0 / 2,0

* Weight refers to the total weight of weight of the sensor, weight and the measuring spindle.

All configurations with the same device base can be combined with each other. Packages with additional accessories for adaptation to another standard are also available separately. Contact us for more information.

Complete Kit

Depending on the selected configuration, the TMG thickness gauge is delivered as a complete set consisting of:

  •      Granite measuring table
  •      Stainless steel column guide
  •      Gauge
  •      Measuring insert compliant with the desired standard

In addition and optional:

  •      Manufacturer factory calibration certificate
  •      DAkkS calibration certificate for the dial gauge
  •      Date processing software

Measuring range: TMG-1 + TMG-3: 12.5mm
TMG-2: 0.8 / 1.8mm (depending on the resolution)
Resolution: TMG-1 + TMG-3: 0.001mm
TMG-2: Switchable resolution: 0.005mm, 0.001mm and 0.0002mm (depending on measurement path)
System Accuracy: ±4µm (or better): TMG-1-G, TMG-1-G1, TMG-1-T1, TMG-1-AB
±0.7µm (or better) at 0.0002mm resolution: TMG-2-F
±7µm (or better): TMG-1-T, TMG-1-PT, TMG-1-FB, TMG-1-FB1
±10µm (or better): TMG-3-L, TMG-3-FI, TMG-3-GE, TMG-3-P, TMG-3-C
Measuring table: ∅200 mm x 40 mm made of granite
Column guide: ∅30 mm made of stainless steel
Measuring system: Mahr dial gauge
Units: Optionally mm or inch
Display: LCD display
Test area and measuring pressure: Corresponds to the respectively listed ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO standards
Output signal: RS-232C and USB
Weight: TMG-1 + TMG-2: ca. 7kg
TMG-3: ca. 8kg

Buy Now

Product name
TMG-1-T ISO-5084 Textile Thickness Gauge
£ 1.327,00 
TMG-1-T1 ASTM D 1777 Option 2 Textile Thickness Gauge
£ 1.272,00 
TMG-1-G ISO-23529 + ASTM D 3767 Rubber Thickness Gauge
£ 1.272,00 
TMG-1-G1 ASTM D 3767 Rubber Thickness Gauge
£ 1.273,00 
TMG-1-PT DIN EN ISO 12625-3 Tissue Thickness Gauge
£ 1.323,00 
TMG-1-AB DIN EN 1849-2 Waterproofing Sheets Thickness Gauge
£ 1.327,00 
TMG-1-FB ASTM D 1777 Option 1 Fabrics Thickness Gauge
£ 1.368,00 
TMG-1-FB1 ASTM D 1777 Option 5 Fabrics Thickness Gauge
£ 1.282,00 
TMG-2-F ISO 4593, DIN 53370 Foil Thickness Gauge
£ 1.624,00 
TMG-3-L DIN EN ISO 2589 Leather Thickness Gauge
£ 2.452,00 
TMG-3-FI ASTM D 1777-Option 3 Film & Fibre Thickness Gauge
£ 2.452,00 
TMG-3-GE ASTM D 5199 Geosynthetics Thickness Gauge
£ 2.301,00 
TMG-3-P DIN EN 534 Paper & Cardboard Thickness Gauge
£ 2.301,00 
TMG-3-C DIN ISO 3034 Cardboard Thickness Gauge
£ 2.301,00 

Product name
TMG-Cert manufacturer inhouse calibration certificate for new gauge
£ 139,00 
TMG-DA-CERT DAkkS calibration only for the dial gauge for new gauge
£ 139,00 
TMG-1-SOFT Software for TMG-1 Thickness Gauge (incl. cable)
£ 441,00 
TMG-2-SOFT Software for TMG-2 Thickness Gauge (incl. cable)
£ 441,00 
TMG-3-SOFT Software for TMG-3 Thickness Gauge (incl. cable)
£ 441,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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