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ESM750 Tensile & compression test stand with measuring path of 813 mm

Made in the USAThe ESM750 tensile and compression test stand has the same specifications as the compact ESM750S, just with a longer travel distance. With a maximum stroke of 813 mm and a capacity of 3.4 kN, this test stand is suitable for a variety of pressure and traction applications.

As with the entire ESM series, the ESM750 also comes in a modular system, which offers the user maximum configuration options for the individual adaptation of the test bench to their own requirements. Add optional controller features just as you like and you can get cost benefits from eliminating unneeded features. All optional controller features that do not require additional hardware, are available free of charge during a test period of 160 operating hours. Additional functions can also be unlocked at a later point by remote maintenance.

Two versions of this tensile and compression test stand are available: the LC version for using an external load cell with a corresponding force indicator and the FG version for use with a force gauge.

The side-mounted control panel can be adjusted in the tilt angle and is thus always easy to reach. With the optional MESURgauge Plus software, the motorized test stand can also be easily started and stopped via a computer.

In addition, the ease of use and yje ESM750's efficiency can be increased by means of optional controller functions. Particularly useful here is the FollowMe ™ function, which allows a quick positioning of the probe.This latter feature is extremely helpful especially for large series of tests and varying sample sizes,

Many areas of application such as breaking, load capacity, extensibility, friction, as well as pressure and tensile force measurements can be covered with the easy change of handles and brackets from our range. The stored settings can be password protected against unauthorized or accidental changes.

A free MESUR ™ Gauge Lite data processing software is already included in the purchase price. To exploit the full range of features of the testing machine, there are two optional software solutions.

  • USB interface for data transfer to a computer
  • Low-noise stepper motor works without speed change even under load
  • Use with a force gauge or external load cell with display unit
  • Operation via the side-mounted operating panel
  • Password protection for important settings
  • Easily removable motor unit for maintenance
  • CE mark
  • 3 years warranty

Additional modules

Einfache Bedieneinheit Easy to use control unit
The adjustable-angle control unit is comprised of a sturdy aluminum housing perfect for industrial production environments. The operation is also facilitated by many optional additional functions such as the FollowMe function. Since the control unit is removable, it is also suitable for remote control or for table mounting with an optional mounting kit.




 Wegbegrenzer Travel limiters
The measuring path can be adjusted by upper and lower travel limiters and thus stops the test bench with a repeatability of 0.025 mm.




 Einstellbare Montageplatte zur Befestigung von Griffen & Zubehör  Adjustable mounting plate for attaching handles & accessories
The mounting plate can be repositioned for proper alignment on the X and Y axis. The mounting plate is provided with a matrix of threaded holes for mounting handles and accessories.




Modularer AufbauModular construction
All the electronics are installed in a single panel, which is easy to remove for updates and maintenance.





The FollowMe ™ feature allows you to manually control the force level. By applying pressure to the force transducer or force gauge, the crosshead positions itself at different rates of speed according to your applied pressure. Its high adaptability makes it suitable for quick positioning as well as for fine adjustments.





Force gauges
To take advantage of the full range of features of your dynamometer, you need a Series 5 or 7 Force Gauge, which is capable of both force versus time and force versus displacement measurements, and has a data interface.




Griffe und Auszugsgriffadapter Handles and pull-out handle adapter
A wide range of different holders, clamps and printing plates, etc. allows the test bench to be adapted to almost any test situation.



Indikator/ Messzellen AdapterIndicator / measuring cell adapter
Allows you to mount a Series 5i or 7i display and mount a R01 or R03 force sensor.



 MESUR Datenerfassungs-Software MESUR data acquisition software
Processes the data provided from the USB port of the ESM750S, enabling tabular capture and visualization of data as well as statistics and reporting and output tools.

Feature Part. No. Description Requirements
FollowMe SF008

Crosshead movement responds to manually pushing or pulling on the force gauge shaft or load cell. Increasing force produces greater speeds. Ideal for setups and quick positioning.

• Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
Travel indication SF009

Travel is indicated on the control unit display, with out via USB. An internal scale utilizing Renishaw technology produces significantly higher accuracy than with conventional rotary encoder-base designs. Backlash and nonlinearity are virtually eliminated.

• Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator

• Can not be added in field

Computer control SF010

The ESM750 may be fully controlled by a PC through a custom-written program in any language supporting ASCII communications. Also responds to the legacy Chatillon TCD command set and legacy Nexygen TCD software (not available from Checkline Europe)

• Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator

• SF009 Travel indication

Programmable travel limits SF011

The stand stops at or cycles between programmable upper and lower travel distances

• SF009 Travel indication
Overload protection SF012 Protects a force sensor or force gauge against overload. Set the desired percentage of full scale of the gauge. Adjustable analoge output voltage setting allows the stand to interface with virtually any gauge with analog output. • Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
Auto return SF013

The crosshead moves to a limit switch, force set point, travel position, or break, then stops and reverses direction at full speed to the other limit. Selectable reversing at force set point 

• Reversing at force set point: Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator

• Reversing at travel limit: SF011 programmable travel limits option

• Reversing at break: SF019 break detection option

Cycling / dwell time SF014

Same function as auto return but with the ability to program up to 100.000 cycles. Programmable dwell time for upper and lower limits (set independently) can be set up for up to 10.000 seconds.

•  Same as auto return, at the same speed in each direction. Add SF016 for independet up and down speeds
Independent Up and Down speeds SF016 Individually configure speeds for the up and down directions -
Low speed extension SF017 Extends the standard speed range down to 0,02 mm/min. -
High speed extension SF018-1 Extends the max speed to 1,525 mm/min. -
Break detection SF019

Crosshead stops at a programmable drop in force

•  Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
Load holding SF020

Dynamically adjusts the crosshead position to maintain a specified load for an indefinite or specified period of time.

•  Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
• For a specified dwell time SF014 is required
Preload / sample touch SF021 Stops the corsshead and/or zeroes the travel display at an initial preload. Useful in tensile, compression, spring, elongation, and other applications. Preload is progammable as a percentage of force gauge/load cell full scale. Three modes: (1) stop, (2) stop and zero and (3) zero without stopping. •  Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator
Profiles SF022

Save and recall sets of test parameters, such as speeds, travel limits, preload, etc. Maximum of 50 profiles may be stored.

Complete options package SFCOMP Includes all functions listed above. Requires a Series 7 or 5 gauge or indicator

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Dimensions ESM750

The figure shows the LC model for use with external load cells

A: 1291.6 mm
B: 206.4 - 1019.2 mm

Complete Kit

The ESM750 material testing machine comes as a complete set, which consists of:

  •      AC1047-2 (Eye-End Adapter for Test Bench Base)
  •      Load Cell / Indicator Mounting Set (ESM750LC)
  •      Force gauge attachment kit (ESM750FG)
  •      USB cable
  •      Interface cable test bench to display / force gauge
  •      4 finger screws for display / force gauge
  •      Allen key set
  •      Operating unit
  •      Mounting set for operating unit
  •      Power cable
  •      Resources CD

Load capacity: 3.4 kN < 900 mm/min
2.3 kN > 900 mm/min
Maximum travel distance: 813 mm
Speed range: Standard: 10-600 mm/min
Optional: 0.02 - 1,525 mm/min
Speed setting accuracy: ±0.2% of setting
Speed variation with load: Speed variation with load:
Travel accuracy: ±0,05 mm per 250 mm
Travel resolution: 0,02 mm
Limit switch repeatability: 0,03 mm
Power: Universal input 80-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight: Test stand: 84kg
shipment weight: 107kg
Conformity: CE mark
Warranty: 3 years

Buy Now

Product name
ESM-750FG-E Test stand with force gauge mount, motorized, 750 lbF / 3.4 kN
£ 4.845,00 
ESM-750LC-E Test stand with load cell mount, motorized, 750 lbF /3.4 kN
£ 4.845,00 

Product name
SF-008 FollowMeTM force-based manual positioning
£ 377,00 
SF-009 Travel indication with USB output
£ 1.254,00 
SF-010 Computer control via USB
£ 795,00 
SF-011 Programmable travel set points
£ 628,00 
SF-012 Integrated overload protection
£ 544,00 
SF-013 Auto return
£ 377,00 
SF-014 Cycling / dwell time
£ 544,00 
SF-016 Independent up and down speeds
£ 336,00 
SF-017 Extended speed range, low
£ 377,00 
SF-018-1 Extended speed range, high
£ 377,00 
SF-019 Break detection
£ 377,00 
SF-020 Loadholding
£ 544,00 
SF-021 Preload / sample touch
£ 461,00 
SF-022 Profiles
£ 628,00 
SFCOMP Complete options package for ESM1500/ESM750
£ 4.553,00 
All mentioned prices are excluding VAT & excluding shipment costs.
Availability : Available , preorder 1-2 weeks , special order, request

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