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NE213 Multifunctional Counter with 2 presets and print interface

Made in GermanyIVO multifunctional counter with two presets. Can be used in a wide variety of applications. Can be programmed as preselection counter, time counter, totalizer and more.

Block diagram
Pin assignment with relay output
Pin assignment with electronic output

  • Main counter with two presets and zero contact
  • Scaling factor can be programmed 0.0001...99.9999
  • Batch counter can also be programmed as tachometer
  • Printout can be activated via F-key or signal input
  • Set value can be programmed
  • Batch counter with one preset and multiplier (1...99)
  • Print interface RS232
  • Preselection mode can be programed:
    - Progressive preselection
    - Principal preselection
    - Parallel comparison
    - Trailing preselection (P1)

Dimensions NE213

Optional available for counter NE213:

Z 118.041 Programming cable
Z 118.042 Print cable
Z 118.043 Print manager program

Print Manager:

Suitable slip printer Star SP298

The print manager enables a print protocol to be created on the PC by means of an editor. The protocol is transmitted via the serial interface RS232 to the NE213 and is stored there. After the transmission of the protocol, the connection to the printer is established at the same interface. The printer can be activated manually via the NE213 or by an electric signal.

Print protocol
A print protocol consists of all characters that are sent to the connected printer by the IVO counter upon activating the print function. These signs are grouped as follows:
control characters, text characters, counter data

Control characters
Control characters are all characters that serve to control or to configure the printer, e.g. changing over to condensed type, line feed, paper feed, etc. For further information see printer manual.
Example: 27 87 1 (changing over to expanded type)

Text characters
Text characters are characters that correspond to the input in the editor and that are output in the printout. Text characters are marked by inverted commas.
Example: ‘length=’

Counter data
Counter data are display values of the IVO counter. To select the requested values, one only has to enter the respective line number with curly brackets in the editor.
Example: {02} (preselection P2

Display: 7-segment LED-display
8-digit display of real value,
7.6 mm high
Decimal point can be programmed
Suppression of leading zero
Minus sign for negative values
Operation, keypad: Front membrane with short-stroke keys
Front dimensions: DIN housing, 72 x 72 mm
Mounting: Front installation
Fastening: Clamping frame
Weight: Version AC: ca. 450 g
Version DC: ca. 320 g
Type of connection: Plug-in screw terminals
Grid 5.08 mm
Core cross-section: Max. 1.5 mm2
Housing material: Polycarbonate black, UL 94V-0
Membrane material: Polyester
Supply voltage: Choice of two voltages via switch on device. When supplied, always higher voltage adjusted.
115 ±10 % / 230 VAC +6 %/-10 % (50 / 60 Hz)
24 / 48 VAC ±10 % (50 / 60 Hz)
24 VDC ±10 %, 5 % residual ripple
Power consumption: 7 VA, 6 W
Sensor supply: 12...26 VDC / max. 100 mA
Signal inputs: Optocoupler inputs
Count inputs A / B
- control current 9...16 mA
- breaking current < 0.5 mA
- input resistance 1.65 kOhm
Control inputs
- control current 5...8 mA
- breaking current < 0.5 mA
- input resistance 3.3 kOhm
PNP, NPN logic can be coded via wire jumper to terminal strip
Input counting rate: Can be programmed to 15 Hz, 25 Hz, 10 kHz
Signal outputs: Can be programmed as momentary or permanent signals
Impulse time can be programmed 0.01...99.99 s
Relay signal outputs: 2 floating center-zero relays for main counter
1 floating relay for batch counter, to be programmed as normally open or closed
Internal spark suppression
Max. switch. voltage 250 VAC
Max. switch. power 1 A
Max. switch. capacity 150 VA / 30 W
Electronic signal outputs: NPN switching transistor
- Max. switching voltage +35 V
- Max. switching power 50 mA
PNP switching transistor
- Max. switching voltage 12...24 VDC with AC operation, depending on load
- Max. switching power 50 mA, for DC operation
- Max. switching power 10 mA, for AC operation
Data storing: > 10 years via EEPROM
Counting mode of signal inputs A / B: UP / DOWN, A - B, A + B, A 90° B x1, A 90° B x2, A 90° B x4
Ambient temperature: 0...+50 °C
Storage temperature: -20...+70 °C
Relative humidity: Max. relative humidity 80 %, at 25 °C, non-condensing
Protection: Front IP 65 to DIN 40050
General rating: EN 61010 Part 1
- Protection class II
- Overvoltage protection categ. II
- Contamination factor 2
Interference immunity: EN 50082-2
Emitted interference: EN 50081-1


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